Monday, September 29, 2008

Family Picture

This is my side of the family. We have't had a family picture since the kids were born, so it was time. And with the exeption of brad crying, everyone cooperated pretty well. We were all together sunday lunch at church and in the evening for supper at my parents house. the noise level was just a tad high. it's fun to see the kids have so much fun together. the twins even got in on the tackling and laughing. but i started to fear for their life after awhile & let the 3 bigger cousins run around and chase each other.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Best Friends

The twins have been so cute lately with each other. This first pic Brad is feeding Ben. Brad's been real interested in the spoon and wants to feed himself (and brother) most of the time. The 2nd picture is the boys watching their 5 little monkey video on youtube. It's fun to see the bond that twins have, something most people in the world will never experience. Adam isn't left out, but he often prefers doing his own thing.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Well, the boys are walking a lot now, Ben almost all the time. And Brad about half or more. It's been great, I love it. I waited a long time for this!! But not as long as my mom had to wait for me to walk (22 months). Sorry about that mom. :)
Meanwhile, Adam's giving kitty a truck ride. Hold on Cheese! (he named his 4 kitties: Macoroni, Cheese, Ham, and Cake). hmmm, think he was hungry ??


Sunday Evening we had a housewarming party for my brother Michael. He moved into my grandparents old house that they built in the 80's. We invited both sides of the family...there were about 35 people there! It's a great place for him, so excited for my little brother!
I made a fruit boquet. Did you ever see these before? They are fun to make, and pretty easy. It looked cute on the table.

Dana was helping Michael open gifts..
Hope everyone has a good week. Mine will less busy then the last couple weeks, which will be nice. Looking forward to watching the Phillies make the playoffs this week :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My mom and I took the boys to see Thomas the train at the Strasburg Railroad on Tuesday. They had a 20 minute train ride, plus other fun activities. We had a fun time.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Special Birthday Party

This year is my 30th birthday. (oct 17th) but we celebrated last saturday at a phillies game. Rod reserved a suite at the ballpark, where you can watch the game outside, and also go inside to your individual suite for food, indoor seating, etc. It was sooo fun! it wasn't a surprise, rod told me about it this winter, so i've been looking forward to it for a long time! and of course it went too fast. there were 25 friends and family there to join us. Rod did great, he always puts thought into gifts and tries to do unique and fitting things which i appreciate. i'm thankful for him and all he did to make my party a blessing. thanks also to the sisters in law, who graciously stayed home and watched our boys.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fun With Family

My sister in law came this week with her 3 kids. We had fun and got a cute picture of them all together (with the help of a cookie for everyone except baby nathan).

Also this week i took my mom on the Strasburg Railroad "Dining Car" for her birthday. It was a fun experience.

These Days

Well, i thought it was time i get one of these blogs for myself! i enjoy reading other people's so much.

It's been a great summer and i hate to see it go! In august we were able to take the boys to the mountains for the twins first vacation! It was a fun time, and encouraging to know that we can go away for a weekend w/ the boys and live to tell about it! Of course both sets of grandparents were along, which made it rather easy :)

Lately Adam has been wanting to help me in the kitchen. This morning i was whipping out bowls and he says "what are we making mommy?" the answer was cupcakes!

The twins like to ride their bikes. they do so good and go all over the creation.