Thursday, January 14, 2016

Well Happy New Year!  I haven't posted for a long time, funny how fast life moves as the boys get older.  Our year ended with a family trip to Cancun for a week right before Christmas.  I loved watching the boys experience their first plane ride (B and B did fly when they were 3), and doing new things at the place we stayed.  It was family friendly, lots of activities were offered throughout the day.  The boys are at a great age where they do things on their own but they still want to be with us.  It was a memorable family time, that I don't think can be topped! 
But of course we had to come home and get back into the swing of things.  We had 3 back to back to back family Christmas gatherings after arriving home, and the boys started back to school last week.  Tomorrow is their halfway point through the school year!  The first half always goes faster then the 2nd half!  :)  The twins are working hard at reading and I believe are making progress.  There was a little bit of talk between the principal, teacher, and I about them repeating a grade, to give them time to catch on with reading but I don't think we'll need to.  I am kicking myself a little for not starting them a year later, since they are boys (couldn't care less about school) and technically summer babies (if they had come on their due date).  But their teacher is a tremendous blessing and came up with a special plan to get them reading better.  They are so smart in other subjects, but since it takes reading to do everything, it's been a hindrance to them. 

An older friend at church gave the boys a pair of stilts he had and wanted to pass them on.  I, for the life of me, cannot do them!  The boys can all do them now.  It took some awkward falls and determination to get there!
Ben had no problem from the get-go. 
Clay's mission in life is to keep up with his brothers.  And he does
and here comes the awkward fall
2 weeks ago we brought a puppy home from Rod's uncle's farm.  The plan was to play with her for a weekend and either find her a home or take it back.  There for a while we had 2 families who were interested and then both decided not to take her.  And well, she's been here ever since!  She was the furriest one in the litter and the boys named her "Fuzz".  As long as she cooperates I think daddy will let her stay. 
Seems to make a good outdoor farm dog
She's part Lab, German Shepherd, Blue Heeler, and Keeshond.  This week she turned 9 weeks.
Yesterday we did the farm show for the day, as has been our annual thing.  It was the farm show's 100th anniversary.  I was expecting some extra things due to that, but 3 of our favorite things weren't even there this year.  Still plenty of things to do and see...and eat.  The boys did the pedal tractor pull which was fun and later we watched horse racing in the big arena. 

Earlier this week we went to visit with my Grandma, since we missed seeing her at the Christmas gathering.  She was in great shape that day - for a 94 year old.  I'm so glad we went.  Clay played his guitar for her, and she paid him with her BINGO earnings! 
I'm happy with this warmer winter so far, but the boys are really wanting snow.  The other evening we got a dusting and you should have seen them!  You would have thought they won the powerball jackpot that everyone is talking about.  I do hope we get one good snow for their sake.  

Have a good weekend