Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Last post

I'll make this my official last post on this blog.  I've been posting projects, pictures, thoughts, and recipes since 2008.  I'm glad to have this to look back on and show the kids some day.  It served a nice purpose for me, especially when the kids were little to do this when they were sleeping.  Doing something for me, even though I usually wrote about them!  But now i'm too busy keeping after their schedules to write about it :)  Maybe i'll pick this back up another time, but for this season i'm done with blogging.  Mom, check shutterfly for pictures. 
We're anticipating the end of the school year.  Summer will be full with normal summer fun- camping: basketball camp, Camp Hebron, church camping, beach:  Myrtle beach, Ocean city, NJ.  we have baseball games to attend:  Uncle Michael's team, our church team, Barnstormers and phillies (tomorrow night).  On the home front we're raising lots of birds right now, which keeps us busy.  We have new chickens for laying, plus 25 meat chicks, 4 turkeys, 3 ducks, and a couple guineas.  The goats are great, baby is really growing, and another mamma is pregnant.  The garden is growing nicely and continues to be my therapy work.  I was in there a couple hours last night as the boys played, popping in on me and pulling a weed here and there.  The greenhouse is really producing right now as well.  Cucs, lettuce, basil, and tomatoes on the way.  Our local country store has been selling our extras for us. 
The boys are growing up at ages 10, 9, 9, and 6.  I'm enjoying this season but waiting (im)patiently for them to get along better.  They are all taking music lessons, enjoying their mini bikes, nerf guns, water fights, campfires, and basketball.  They are very active, sometimes I can keep up, sometimes I don't even try.  We've been enjoying family kickball or wiffle ball games in the evenings...3 v 3.   The twins will be getting a reading tutor this summer, and we'll designate Wednesdays for homeschool and music lessons.  As a family we hope to memorize Psalm 1 this summer. 
Thanks for following us.  I'll end with some pictures of our last couple months...

The baby goatlet

The duck trio
Mother's day with my babies
First guitar lesson
Sight & Sound for Daddy's birthday
Mother's day at school
Cousins at grandma's
Ramsey's first swim
 Adam's first lesson
Have a blessed summer !  Signing off from Lancaster, PA.