Thursday, November 19, 2015

Well i haven't posted for a while!  Everything is going well here, i'm slowly having less and less work to do outside.  I stopped watering my mums, nothing's in the garden anymore, no weeding, and most of our animals are in the freezer!  I miss being out in the warm sun but i will enjoy a break from outside tasks (at least for a month or so).

I do still have my greenhouse and no matter how cold it is outside, if the sun is out it's guaranteed to be nice and toasty inside there.  We're still getting cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, and figs.  I'll plan to keep after things until January then take a couple months off from it.  It costs too much to heat it and with the lack of daylight hours, it takes a long, long time for anything to grow regardless of how warm we'd keep it.

We have an exciting weekend ahead.  Adam turns 10!  We also have an annual Men's Breakfast/clay pigeon shoot here at our house on Saturday.  There's typically close to 60 men that show up for part or all of this day.  Also Rod and Adam are going to an Eagles game on Sunday, a first for both of them.  Adam is very excited for his birthday weekend.  I believe i promised him Chuck E. Cheese somewhere in there too!

So that's a little glimpse of us here lately.  I've been making a lot of new recipes too that someday i'd like to get around to posting!

Have a great one, Happy Thanksgiving.