Friday, September 27, 2013

School pics

This has been a busy week with school... for ME.  Whoever said sending your kids to school gives moms lots of free time??!

Wednesday was See You At The Pole.  This was the first year we participated.  I was determined to get us all up early and make it to the flagpole before 8.  I don't remember when we got there but I think we succeeded!  It was a sweet time praying and lifting up our school, teachers, kids, etc.  There were 27 of us there. if not for a teacher meeting, I believe several teachers would have been there too. 

Thursday I volunteered in the cafeteria over lunch.  it takes 2 hours to get everyone through.  I was on the floor, out with the kids helping them open up things, hand out napkins, spoons, etc.  I love this job!  It's unstructured time with my boys, it allows me to meet their friends, and see every single student at school.  It's a very practical way to see all 3 boys and they like it too (although Adam likes to 'play it cool').  It's a blessing to see all these students my boys go to school with, and put faces to the kids they talk about.  This is an 'every other Thursday' job for me that I look forward to doing.  A side benefit is, it's motivating for me to continue packing lunches for my boys, since I see some of the things the cafeteria serves!   Although I will say it's not that bad.  Just not something i'd be into them eating every day.

Friday I was the "Mystery Reader" in Clay's preschool class.  He was so surprised to see it was me that was sitting there waiting for the kiddos to come.  I didn't tell him I was the Mystery Reader.  That was a cute time, I was able to stay for a little of class afterward and watch. 

I knew it was only a matter of time.  Just down our street there's a boy in B and B's class, (we had no idea he lived there till school started!)  They've been talking about having him over., and this week he came over twice.  He walks in the lane with them after drop-off and plays for awhile till I say time to go home!  I always want our house to be 'the place' where friends come together, but I need courage to set limits.  They want him to come over every day, but clearly that's not realistic! 

 Today is early dismissal and they are walking in the lane right now!!!  Happy Beauteous Weekend!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

here we go....

The women from church are starting a new thing, memorizing James 1.  The goal is to memorize the entire chapter over the course of 12 weeks.   We begin tomorrow, and are on our own (we're not meeting weekly).  But we have accountability partners to help and encourage us!

I am helping our pastor's wife to coordinate this endeavor.  We had a kick-off event at church last week, and had a solid time of focusing on these verses, played some games, and encouraged one another w/ this commitment.  i'm really looking forward to it.  I already have 1/2 of it memorized, when I started on my own last fall.  I love the book of James.  Memorizing scripture is so powerful, so rewarding. 

I came up with these handy little memory tools, for the women to put together and keep with them as they are in the car, in the kitchen, on a walk, etc.   It comes out to memorizing 2-3 verses each week, to get it down in 12 weeks.

We also passed out these helpful tips bookmark. 

If you'd like to do this with us (we don't meet together, we're just on our own) let me know, I have extra memory card sets! 

All for God's Glory!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Phillies game & Clay's room

Michael and I went to the Phillies game Monday night, on a whim.  I found tickets on stub hub the day of and since the Phillies stink I found front row seats behind the visitors dugout for much cheaper then normal.  they proved to be awesome seats.  The Phanatic entertained us the entire top half of the 3rd inning and we were on TV a good chunk of the time.  The boys got to see us from home. 
The Phanatic gave Michael a big old hug after Utley's 3-run homer.  I settled for a high-five.  Must have been a girl in that custome.

Cliff Lee had 14 strikeouts and he had 4 RBI's during his at bats. They won 12-2.
This was by far the most entertaining game I've ever been to.  A line drive foul went right by me, Michael almost grabbed another foul ball as we were walking out.  And Lebanon Levi was sitting several rows behind us. 
He was either on his phone, or getting his picture taken with people.  He's so not amish!

Don't think we'll be able to top that game any time soon!

On the home front, I've finished Clay's room makeover.  It was never painted or decorated at all, so I thought it was time to do something in there.  I'm glad the paint lady convinced me not to get my first choice of lime green.  She said he won't sleep at night if you paint the room that color :)  Of course that's not true, but I got the point.  I toned it down and I think it looks great.  I had fun with orange spray paint also, to accent the green.  Rod's mom made the curtain out of a pillow case that came with the set.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Feeling so grateful right now for a wonderful weekend.  There was nothing on the calendar but we made some spontaneous plans. 
Saturday we went a 'back to school bash' put on by a local church, held at a park very close by.  they had food, games, face painting and of course candy :)  The fun part was all the people we knew, through school mostly.  I love the sense of community we have now with being at farmdale and me being pretty involved there. 
Saturday eve we had Rod's aunt and uncle here who haven't been here for a while, always nice hanging out with them.
Sunday eve my parents came for supper, campfire, and celebrating my mom's birthday. 
Happy Birthday Mom!  You never know what the boys will be into from one day to the next, but evidently today was Pirate Day!
Other then the pirates doing their thing, the evening's entertainment was watching 2 mini bikers riding at the same time.  Adam started riding the big one tonight, so now 2 can ride together.  Might have been a little nerve racking at times :) 

Yesterday in the car, I had Ben with me.  He's been into country music lately, (sorry grandmas if he starts singing you the 'chew tobacco' song) and a Kenny Chesney song came on that gets me every time.  I thought 'here we go again' with my emotions w/ this song.  But Ben came to the rescue and started cracking up when he heard the chorus.  Ben thought it was hilarious that the man in the song took a nap at age 6 and woke up and he was 25.  But i'm always convicted to slow down and take in life more, after hearing this song.  Life goes by so fast.  I want to enjoy it to the max.  Give it a listen, and "don't blink" with me this week:

Saturday, September 14, 2013


just a few pics of clay's first day on wed.  he loves it!  so glad for this, in many ways :) 
He goes Wednesday and Friday mornings. 
Had to get a picture of him with my ginormous plant that apparently likes the shade!

What??  Homework?!
This would not have happened if I didn't make them
We got there early so we checked out the playground

I knew he'd go straight for this...
 He's one special little boy

Monday, September 9, 2013

Days with Clay

The boys are really liking school, Praise God!  I am so thankful we've been in a season where getting up and going to school is not an issue.  That can and will totally change, I am aware :)  But for now, I am enjoying this.  Adam loves school because he trades silly bands and other useless trinkets, "we didn't get caught yet mom".  Lovely.

Clay keeps me on my toes, he is my sidekick.  Let's be honest here, the boy does not know how to play by himself.  So I'm on major full time duty when the others aren't here (right now he's saying "mom mom mom mom mom mom...........")

Last week he had an hour long tractor ride, from the farmer who farms our fields.  he said Clay fell asleep and his head was banging against the window.  I had to laugh because my brother said that used to happen with him when he'd ride along in the tractor as a boy and he'd fall asleep. 

We took a walk/bike ride out the lane and Clay points across the way and says "there's a man with a black gun running into the field!"  I took my chances on that and just assumed he was using his imagination there, but it did scare me a little!

We had a great visit from our forever friend Krista last wed - sunday.  We all enjoyed her, Clay got to spend the most time with her. 

Something different at the shop:

Thank goodness he does this sometimes:

The other day I had to "COME QUICK"  he wanted to show me what he was doing.....

Clay's big day is Wednesday.  It's a big day for mommy too :)