Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Phillies game & Clay's room

Michael and I went to the Phillies game Monday night, on a whim.  I found tickets on stub hub the day of and since the Phillies stink I found front row seats behind the visitors dugout for much cheaper then normal.  they proved to be awesome seats.  The Phanatic entertained us the entire top half of the 3rd inning and we were on TV a good chunk of the time.  The boys got to see us from home. 
The Phanatic gave Michael a big old hug after Utley's 3-run homer.  I settled for a high-five.  Must have been a girl in that custome.

Cliff Lee had 14 strikeouts and he had 4 RBI's during his at bats. They won 12-2.
This was by far the most entertaining game I've ever been to.  A line drive foul went right by me, Michael almost grabbed another foul ball as we were walking out.  And Lebanon Levi was sitting several rows behind us. 
He was either on his phone, or getting his picture taken with people.  He's so not amish!

Don't think we'll be able to top that game any time soon!

On the home front, I've finished Clay's room makeover.  It was never painted or decorated at all, so I thought it was time to do something in there.  I'm glad the paint lady convinced me not to get my first choice of lime green.  She said he won't sleep at night if you paint the room that color :)  Of course that's not true, but I got the point.  I toned it down and I think it looks great.  I had fun with orange spray paint also, to accent the green.  Rod's mom made the curtain out of a pillow case that came with the set.

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