Sunday, September 15, 2013

Feeling so grateful right now for a wonderful weekend.  There was nothing on the calendar but we made some spontaneous plans. 
Saturday we went a 'back to school bash' put on by a local church, held at a park very close by.  they had food, games, face painting and of course candy :)  The fun part was all the people we knew, through school mostly.  I love the sense of community we have now with being at farmdale and me being pretty involved there. 
Saturday eve we had Rod's aunt and uncle here who haven't been here for a while, always nice hanging out with them.
Sunday eve my parents came for supper, campfire, and celebrating my mom's birthday. 
Happy Birthday Mom!  You never know what the boys will be into from one day to the next, but evidently today was Pirate Day!
Other then the pirates doing their thing, the evening's entertainment was watching 2 mini bikers riding at the same time.  Adam started riding the big one tonight, so now 2 can ride together.  Might have been a little nerve racking at times :) 

Yesterday in the car, I had Ben with me.  He's been into country music lately, (sorry grandmas if he starts singing you the 'chew tobacco' song) and a Kenny Chesney song came on that gets me every time.  I thought 'here we go again' with my emotions w/ this song.  But Ben came to the rescue and started cracking up when he heard the chorus.  Ben thought it was hilarious that the man in the song took a nap at age 6 and woke up and he was 25.  But i'm always convicted to slow down and take in life more, after hearing this song.  Life goes by so fast.  I want to enjoy it to the max.  Give it a listen, and "don't blink" with me this week:

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