Monday, April 29, 2013


We did the March of Dimes walk again this year.  This is the 75 anniversary for March of Dimes.  So they did things a little different this year.  It was held at Dutch Wonderland, we walked around the park and the campground next to it.  Then we had lunch and rode the rides for free!  The weather was beautiful.  The boys tried out some different rides, and Clay kept right up with them. 
We call this Preemie Pride :)  They held these signs in the preemie parade just before the walk started.

This set up gave Rod and I a few moments of peace!  Except for that nagging feeling that Clay was going to jump into the water. 
Picture taken right before going down the Flume.  Adam's all excited, Brad not so sure :)  All was fine in the end. 
Clay in a different light.

This was the highlight of the day though.  In the eve, we went to a restaurant in Columbia, with a bar. (the places coupons take us.....) We walk in and there is live music in the bar.  They sat us in the restaurant area, but Clay walked over and stood right in front of the singer taking it all in.  A couple minutes later the singer starts singing Itzy Bitzy Spider for Clay, it was so cute.  Then I heard him ask Clay if he had any requests.  We couldn't hear Clay, but through the microphone we heard the man say "Jesus Loves Me?  OK".  and he played and sang Jesus Loves Me for the whole place, it was priceless!  I talked to him later and he said that's the first time this bar ever heard Jesus loves me before!  What a memory.  May we all be that bold and unashamed of our faith!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

More April birthdays!

The twins best friend Riley had his birthday party last night at Chuck E Cheese.  Thought the Grandmas might want to see the boy that they talk about so much. 

All the boys from class were invited, they had a great time together.  It's a nice group of boys, such a blessing watching Ben and Brad enjoying themselves and their classmates.
Included in the party was a visit from Chuck E Cheese, 15 or so token to play games, pizza, and cake.  I enjoyed visiting with the other moms and watching the boys play games.
And Today, our final April Birthday!  Last but not least, my hard working husband.  The man that 4 little boys want to be like!   Dinner was some fresh trout, asparagus out of the garden, some not so good sweet corn from roots, and parsley potatoes.  Dessert was the birthday cake roll. 
A while back Rod commented if there's one thing he could have from Farmdale school, it would be the climbing rope in the gym. (Farmdale is getting torn down this year, a new school is built right beside it.  Rod went to Farmdale all 7 years growing up and used the rope all the time).  So with some behind the scenes work, I got permission for us to take down the rope and keep it.  that was Rod's birthday gift from the boys and I! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring blooms

The first blooms around here in 2013!  Glad to see things coming to life.  Lots of beauty all around us everywhere, don't miss it!

I want to throw in a pic of my new welcome sign.   I've been saving this scrap wood from our garden shed for over a year now, for just the right project.  This week i thought to do this.  The only cost for this was the paint, i used things around the house to decorate it.  i'm pleased with it!
the boys said I should write "welcome, unless you are a burglar".  i'll just the assume a burglar would know deep down in that they really aren't welcomed.

Monday, April 15, 2013

yay spring

seems we are finally able to be outside and start the springtime goodness around here. 

we have 2 litters of bunnies right now.  Ben took one in for show and tell the other week, and as he was telling the kids about all his bunnies, one of their friends looks at me in awe and says "do you spoil ben and brad?"  I told him ben and brad have to work hard to keep their animals healthy and since we have so many, they get to share them with others.  I had to laugh inside at what I could have said.  "well, yes they are spoiled.  we make them feed the bunnies for 3 months then they get to watch daddy kill them."  that might go over in an amish schoolhouse, but not a public school I suppose :) 

God was gracious with a capital "G" this week.  Adam had a mini bike accident, that could have been rather bad, but somehow it wasn't.  Rod and I could have learned the hard way that helmets must be worn when riding.  we are grateful for this gentle reminder instead.  a few days after this happened Brad started begging to learn to ride it, we said 'get your helmet' and then he took off.  He did so good his first time.

It wouldn't be spring if I didn't chat about the garden.  We did get it steamed again this year and now I have my cooler weather things planted.  The boys helped some, and I have given them 'their space' to have their own gardens this year.  it's laughably tiny, but they seemed pleased and eager to plant all mommy's extra seeds! 
In between 2 babysitting 'jobs' today, we planted potatoes.  These take a little extra time to plant (need to be planted deep) but so worth it when you can start harvesting big potatoes out of the ground.
The boys have started soccer again this year.  Adam moved up in the age group this year.  He says he scored 3 goals on Saturday, but 1 of them was for the other team :) 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Birthday happenings

Clay was living it up on his bday today.  He kept singing happy birthday to himself.  he was enjoying the attention given just for him.  as soon as he got up we had some birthday oatmeal for him.

I told him a couple weeks ago that uncle Michael will give him a tractor ride on his birthday.  It worked out great since he was disking today.  Clay was so excited. 

Later in the eve we broke out the much anticipated Lion cake.  This was the first time he saw it. 


He stared at it for awhile...
Then decided it was time to eat it!

I love Clay's zest for life.  It's contagious, one can't help but smile watching him live life.  So thankful to live it with him!  Happy 3rd Bday little man. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter and birthdays

Yesterday was a big day celebrating Resurrection day and the twins birthdays!  I thought everyone should sleep in this morning.  but it doesn't seem to work that way :)  
Lots of fun w/ family and memories made.  Some shots of our day...(thankful the rain held off and we could do the egg hunt)

Managed to get a family shot, my Grandma said that was fun to watch! 

The clan.  

Party time!

My first and probably only attempt at Camo cupcakes!

They love their camo watches.  I suddenly have 2 very time conscious kindergartners. 
Looks like bedtime to me!