Thursday, June 30, 2011

flying by

rod and i are trying to figure out how to make summer last longer, it goes too fast. There's always multiple things to plan, and look forward to, but we need to be deliberate about savoring the "now".

Right now this little boy is growing up. although he thinks he's older then he is. he's a very opinionated, confident little bundle of curly blonde cuteness. I can't bring myself to cut his curls. Probably should soon, people are starting to ask if he's a boy or girl.
we're having another wonderful visit from rod's sister and family. steve comes in tonight. the boys have enjoyed being with them, doing many fun things, with more to come. The boys get a little antzy if they go 24 hours without seeing them!
We had a Lyme disease scare last week in Ben. I noticed a funny looking bite (or bruise, we weren't sure) last Monday. It seemed to "grow" and by thurs he was starting with flu like symptoms. Off to the doctor we went, all kids came along. (the more kids you take with you places, the better service you get:) Doctor said it was Lyme and we treated it immedietely. I was relieved to know it could be cured. I thought once you get Lyme, your stuck with it. But his was caught early enough, that he should be fine. Praise God!

We had a nice Smoker ladies brunch today. Sorry for those who couldn't make it! (like Rhoda, i know you still read this:) Here was the pretty setting.

These country kids had a hard time appreciating the whole Brunch thing. Dustin was all thrown off by the fancy food and Adam kept saying "I like lunch better, that's my favorite meal". They had fun playing after they got Brunch out of the way! Too funny.

That's a little look into our "now". Have a good July 4th weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The garden and flowers

Some of our flowers around here....

My perennial bed, i'm always changing and moving things around in here.
The Garden... Lots of good things growing in here. Clay sees us picking lettuce for the bunnies, so he wastes no time, and goes for the lettuce every time!
I'm thankful for space to have our own garden and flower beds. I really love gardening!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Friday eve we took the boys to an annual fly-in in Dillsburg (close to York). Rod and i used to go to this, but haven't since the twins were born. The weather was very nice, so lots of planes were able to fly. Rod didn't take his powered parachutte, but we got to see one fly, plus lots of trikes and ultralights. Daddy's favorite, a trike. That's on the "maybe some day" list. One man let the boys take turns and sit in his plane.

Rod got to talking to a guy with a trike, and he told Rod to come up the next eve and he'll give him a ride. So the next night Rod took his dad back and he got a ride.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Llama Llama

Last Christmas mom got the kids "Llama Llama" books. So I couldn't pass up the chance to see baby Llama at the library today. I love Mt. Joy's library. They have lots of neat programs and things like this for kids. And Miss Jan, pictured here, is the best! I didn't even notice Ben was wearing his sunglasses here and is looking like a "cool dude!" It's never a fashion show when we go out anywhere, as you can see.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

All in a days work....

Most days are busy this time of year...but TODAY seemed a little EXTRA! I need to "vent" it out, so i'm jotting all I did today. Or all i remember anyway!

6:30AM- got up
-Weeded garden
-watered flowers
-put bunnies in daytime cage
-played with kitties, trying to tame so we can give them away!
-Clay up, bottle
-made oatmeal
-Other 3 up, breakfast
-boys "tamed" kitties (chased) for a solid 45 min.
-everyone got dressed
-Potty break for me, in the meantime Clay bonks head causing a small gash. no worries.
-read interesting article on Josh Hamilton, got interrupted, not sure i finished it.
-talked/prayed with friend living downstairs
-showed a man the kittens (free sign is still up)
-Clay down for nap
-devotions with older boys
-read them 2 books
-picked strawberries
-weeded garden
-craft with boys
-make lunch
-rod home, got clay up and ate lunch
-cleaned up after lunch
-played with Clay
-all boys to swingset
-noticed 1 of the 3 grapvines stalks is gone. Angry
-Grocery store with the boys
-Followed police car on the way home after he passes me with lights on. Turns out there's an accident right next to daddy's shop. Watched the police, fire, and rollback take truck away and drop off at the shop.
-put groceries away
-Rode bike to mailbox, Adam getting real good w/out training wheels
-Clay nap #2
-Get rid of nasty pool water, wipe down, and refill
-watered more flowers
-Neighbor girl over
-worked on supper, a new recipe that took tooooo long to make
-eat supper
-clean up
-another kitty customer, gave away adam's favorite
-comfort adam
-kickball game
-bedtime routine (bible stories, clay bottle, snack, teeth, pray)
-sprayed "liquid fence" around garden and grapevines
-watered sunflowers
-herd chickens back into pen
-Clean up house!
-saw HUGE spider and wish someone was awake to kill it for me.
-unload dishwasher, fill up again w/ rest of supper dishes. wipe down counters.

Not too sure i got that all!!

I didn't mention answering over 100 questions, breaking up fights, phone calls, killing flies, diapers changes, etc. I do love my life.....I promise!!! But i could not fully enjoy it w/out God's grace and strength being poured into me daily. I ask Him for that often throughout my days and He faithfully provides! I strive to honor Him with my life and how i handle things. It's harder on days with less sleep and more to do.

My mom is giving Rod and I a date night tomorrow night, and we're so looking forward to that!! We didn't get to talk much today!

still would like to read a bit then fall asleep! I know i'm not the only one with a busy (but full) life, blessings to you all too!