Monday, June 30, 2014

From start to finish

Here's a look into my day today.  Too tired to give details, it's pretty self explanatory :)  By the grace of God the boys had their best day together so far this summer.  That allowed this all to go smooth. 

((Almost lost a couple, had to stop and secure the cardboard))

Home Again

22 chickens in all!  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

This week

We came off of a busy weekend, with having 2 events at our place.  We had excellent weather both nights which is the first thing i often pray for when leading up to an event.  Last week we spent most of our spare time gearing up for these events, along with some volunteer work at GAIN warehouse.  The days of prepping for the weekend was worth it, as the reception and fundraiser went smoothly but i was glad to get back to normal people things!!  (i know, we are anything but normal around here!)

This week was basketball camp, mulberry picking, kombucha making, pokemon card burning, lemonade selling, bee inspecting, rails to trails riding, and window cleaning.  That sounds busy too, but it was on our schedule for the most part, and was a more relaxing week.

We STILL haven't swam this summer!!!  except Adam and Clay over father's day just to prove they could.  the water temp was 70.  We have access to neighbors pools, which is a great privilege, but i'm a fair weather swimmer and until i hear about water temps in the 80's, we'll pass.

I wish it could be summer all the time!  I love summers, particularly summer nights around here.  Tonight i watered flowers after 9:00 and lightening bugs galore!  So much of God's creation to take in right now.

Funny Gingrich boy quote:  Brad - "is our new babysitter old?"  Me - "No, she's young"  Brad - "OH GOOD, they look MUCH better when they are young."  baaaahaaaa!

Said babysitter lives on our road, and is such a good fit.  She's home now from missions and hasn't a job.  I may or may not have dropped them off there 3 times over the past week and a half :)  They have cute little dogs and an awesome creek in the backyard.  They love to go there.

Thanks for reading, no pics today.  i'm on the laptop watching the Phillies in extra innings.  Have a happy weekend.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mini vaca

Finally getting on here to share about our overnighter with Grandma at Grandpa's "north farm" last week. 
We stopped halfway at Lake Tobias, which was so much fun.  what a unique place.  The Safari Tour is great for kids and adults alike.  Then we spent the night at the farm outside Williamsport, and the next day went into Williamsport and took a boat ride on the Susquehanna before wrapping up our little vaca. 
I'm glad we were dealing with drizzly, chilly weather and not the hot stuff!  I was so glad the boys overpacked, like they always do, and thought to bring long sleeves!  I didn't pack any for myself, but mom had an extra jacket for me.
Thanks Grandma for planning and inviting us on this excursion, we made good memories!

Lake Tobias:

Safari tour:

Meet the Zedonk (Zebra/Donkey mix)

Petting Zoo;

Giving gma a hard time..They must have known how she felt about them

Boat ride

Monday, June 9, 2014

Vacation is here

how nice to officially be in summer vacation, we've been in the mode for a while now.  adam had homework the last week of school and I'm pretty sure it didn't get done!  Some of us have already had poison ivy, many ticks, and a head on mini bike collision so we aren't wasting any time on our summer vacation.

Speaking of vacation, our family has not gone away overnight since last August, and I'm really excited to go away with them sometime this the beach (I hope) and camping.  Tent camping is not my favorite and I totally pretend I love it for the boys sake.  but they don't read my blog so I can say on here that I really don't like it.  The boys and I are also doing an overnight trip with Grandma soon which we are looking forward to.  they tried packing tonight but I said we aren't packing until we at least have it scheduled! 

We had our traditional Sweet Frog ice cream on Friday after the last day.  The last day of school is the only time we go to this place so it's a real treat.  I let them pick 3 toppings.  Rather gross if you ask me, but they don't think so

Some goals of mine for the boys for the summer are to - Read through Matthew together, do a reading program through the library, get into a routine of brain integration therapy (more on that another time), and put some miles on our bikes.  Lately they've been on the motorized toys and not so much bicycles which take actual pedaling.  They are plenty active in other ways, but still nothing like a good ole bike ride.  There are several rails to trails in the area that are nice to ride on.  They are also taking on more responsibility around the property, Rod is able to include them in his projects and routines a little more each year.

Adam finishes up baseball this week.  Mixed feelings about him playing that sport.  He learned a lot and enjoyed the teammates, more than half were from his school, but it was a lot of standing around and with 12 kids on the team, some games he only batted once.  (5 innings per game)  so overall it felt like a waste of time (games were 2 hours) but I am glad he did it. 
I thought he was the cutest player in the league if you don't mind me sayin'

And I must show you the little animals around here.  everything but the cats get butchered.  I promise, we do not butcher cats. 
These kitties are so wild, but they sure are photogenic.

A couple more weeks to go for these guys, who are much less photogenic than the kitties...

Garden is doing so-so this year.  The kale & brocc were a disappointment and my radishes never got big enough to eat before going into seed.  But the boys planted some and they were fine.  Every year there are different challenges with gardening.  i love it though.  the potato beetles are brutal already.  the boys get paid to pick them off and squish them.
The boys garden, they planted extra seeds i had, plus pumpkins and gourds this year.
They are keeping their play area weeded just by playing in it!
Tonight's pretty rainbow
Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer service project

About a month ago, Ben heard on WJTL a commercial about raising funds for Bibles to be distributed around the world.  He really wanted to raise money so people in other countries can have a Bible.  So i called WJTL, since i didn't hear this commercial.  And they were no longer promoting this, but gave me the website for the ministry.  I looked it up and thought it looked really neat (  But wasn't sure how we would go about doing this.  It's been on my list the last month as a reminder to do something for this cause at some point.

Tonight i felt a peace about an idea for them to collect money.  For the past year or more, when the boys catch me doing my habits, cracking knuckles or picking my lip, i have to pay them.  Knuckles is 25 cents and lip picking is $1.00.  And let me tell you Brad is loaded!  This summer, when they catch me, the money will go straight into the jar.  We will collect for the next 2.5 months and send a check for the total amount.

I think they will have fun with it, and do well too, thanks to Brad who watches me like a hawk :)  If you know us and come to our house, feel free to slip some money into our jar!  We may do other things to raise money in addition, like selling produce at the end of the lane.  Eager to see how much they raise!