Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mini vaca

Finally getting on here to share about our overnighter with Grandma at Grandpa's "north farm" last week. 
We stopped halfway at Lake Tobias, which was so much fun.  what a unique place.  The Safari Tour is great for kids and adults alike.  Then we spent the night at the farm outside Williamsport, and the next day went into Williamsport and took a boat ride on the Susquehanna before wrapping up our little vaca. 
I'm glad we were dealing with drizzly, chilly weather and not the hot stuff!  I was so glad the boys overpacked, like they always do, and thought to bring long sleeves!  I didn't pack any for myself, but mom had an extra jacket for me.
Thanks Grandma for planning and inviting us on this excursion, we made good memories!

Lake Tobias:

Safari tour:

Meet the Zedonk (Zebra/Donkey mix)

Petting Zoo;

Giving gma a hard time..They must have known how she felt about them

Boat ride

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