Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Clay - 2 weeks

We're enjoying our little guy. He's one sleepy little boy! I found out last week at the Dr's that maybe he's a little too sleepy. He hadn't gained any weight for at least 10 days. I couldn't keep him awake for nursings. So i started pumping after nursings and supplementing a couple ounces with a bottle. Not at all what i wanted to do. I pumped for over 9 months with the twins and i was looking forward to be 'pump-free' this time, but not for now. After he gets the strength to nurse better, i hope to wean off of pumping and just nurse. But he's still very sleepy and won't nurse good more then a couple minutes. I'm just thankful there was a solution to him not gaining weight. He takes a bottle just fine. I took him to the Dr today again and he gained 12 oz in 5 days! So Praise the Lord what i'm doing is working for him. Even if it means the extra work of pumping and washing bottles....Well all 4 boys are napping now, i should be napping too!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Family pic

Our local fire dept did a fundraiser, a photo shoot and selling the 11 x 14, printed on canvas. i signed us up before the baby was born, hoping it would work out! the pics were taken the day after Clay's due date. He was a week old here. Excuse my "i just had a baby" look. I think my face is a little less puffy now!
It was an interesting experience. We were there literally 10 minutes, and the photographer was so rough around the edges, i couldn't believe the boys cooperated but they did. i feel so blessed when i look at this picture of my boys all lined up! i treasure where they are right now, i know they won't stay this little for very long.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cleaning Daddy's Wheeler

Today was my first day alone with all 4 boys. I knew I'd need something to do with the boys. I took one look at Daddy's wheeler last night and knew what we were going to do! The weather was perfect for washing. The job was taken very seriously. Maybe tomorrow we'll do the car! Clayton still sleeps about all the time, so that made the day easier, but i still ran out of steam around lunchtime. The trickest part is probably keeping on top of potty training the twins. They decided now is a good time to get trained. Wouldn't have been my first choice :) They are doing so good though, that i have to go through with it. All in all a good day. I'm always thankful for help, but it feels good to know i can do it alone too.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here's one of the rare occasions where we see his little peepers...

Things have been going very well. Clayton sleeps just about all the time, which can make feeding times difficult. He doesn't seem to mind all the noise that his brothers generate. They've really taken to him, but they still leave him alone too. I was afraid they would constantly be asking to hold him, but if they each hold him once a day they seem fine. They do love to get the paci, toys, and blankets for him. Rod has been including the boys in all his projects around here, that has been so nice for me. We're thankful to the Grandmas who have been so good about helping out. Even though I look forward to being 100% recovered and getting a full nights sleep, I'm enjoying this phase. Especially knowing this is our last one (thanks to an additional procedure that was done :)

Thanks for your encouragement!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

HE's Here!

Most people probably know by now that our Clayton Matthew arrived on Friday and is doing well! We're still in the hospital "living it up". Seriously, Rod and I consider this a vacation. We do go home tomorrow (Monday), whenever we decide.

Clayton is a sweet little guy, he was 8 lbs and 21.5". The boys have taken very well to him so far! I hope that sticks :) The twins are happy that he is 'tame" and they can "pet him". Adam was giddy about holding him.

I'm having some pain, but am doing well overall. It seems a little harder this time with recovery, but i expected that with being older and it being my third c-section.

Thanks for lifting me and our family up in prayer, we have so many supportive friends and family that we wouldn't want to do without! Thank you Lord for another beautiful, healthy boy!! Can't wait to see what the future holds for these 4 boys we've been given :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last day with the 3

Today is my last day with 3 kids. It has been bittersweet, knowing it will never be the same. But at the same time exciting to see what the 4th one will add. So far we've made Daddy's birthday cake roll, and had lots of outdoor playtime, including this sprinkler. They all ended up totally naked about 3 minutes after i took this picture. It started making a muddy, sloppy mess but boy did they have fun!
Tomorrow at 12:30 my surgery is scheduled. Can't wait to finally meet this one! Again i'm so thankful for a full term pregnancy, that my back got better, and for so many prayers. He is faithful!
We will be in touch :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


"Gaze upon the beauty of the LORD."
Psalm 27:4

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ready for Baby

I really wasn't sure if i'd make it this far (38 weeks), so in some ways i'm twiddling my thumbs here waiting for baby! That's a good thing though and an answer to prayer. I feel ready. Got all the "stuff" set up, batteries in place...I've prepared the boys for the changes ahead as much as i can, through talks, books, pictures. The rest of their adjusting will have to come with experience, after the baby is actually here. They are looking forward to holding the baby when they are watching a video, and getting the baby a pacifier.

I'd love to show you pics of the blanket i made and some outfits, but that will have to wait :)

So we are just eagerly awaiting the babe's arrival. Calm before the storm :) Thanks to those who were and are still praying for a safe pregnancy and delivery. Also my back is not as bad as it was this past week. It's still sore, but not giving me the sharp, constant pain as before.

As we explained Good Friday to the kids last night, I told the twins that 3 years ago they were born on Good Friday. I'm hoping for a good quiet time today to reflect again this year on the sacrifice Jesus made for me on this day.

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!