Friday, April 2, 2010

Ready for Baby

I really wasn't sure if i'd make it this far (38 weeks), so in some ways i'm twiddling my thumbs here waiting for baby! That's a good thing though and an answer to prayer. I feel ready. Got all the "stuff" set up, batteries in place...I've prepared the boys for the changes ahead as much as i can, through talks, books, pictures. The rest of their adjusting will have to come with experience, after the baby is actually here. They are looking forward to holding the baby when they are watching a video, and getting the baby a pacifier.

I'd love to show you pics of the blanket i made and some outfits, but that will have to wait :)

So we are just eagerly awaiting the babe's arrival. Calm before the storm :) Thanks to those who were and are still praying for a safe pregnancy and delivery. Also my back is not as bad as it was this past week. It's still sore, but not giving me the sharp, constant pain as before.

As we explained Good Friday to the kids last night, I told the twins that 3 years ago they were born on Good Friday. I'm hoping for a good quiet time today to reflect again this year on the sacrifice Jesus made for me on this day.

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!


Sarah said...

I'm getting so excited for you!!! A new little addition to your family...what a blessing!!! May you and your family have a wonderful Easter!!!

daniele @ domestic serenity said...

Oh, can't wait to find out WHO this litte person is. Still praying over here for you and the family. Blessings.

Adrienne said...

I keep thinking of you, hope he or she arrives soon!!!