Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Clay - 2 weeks

We're enjoying our little guy. He's one sleepy little boy! I found out last week at the Dr's that maybe he's a little too sleepy. He hadn't gained any weight for at least 10 days. I couldn't keep him awake for nursings. So i started pumping after nursings and supplementing a couple ounces with a bottle. Not at all what i wanted to do. I pumped for over 9 months with the twins and i was looking forward to be 'pump-free' this time, but not for now. After he gets the strength to nurse better, i hope to wean off of pumping and just nurse. But he's still very sleepy and won't nurse good more then a couple minutes. I'm just thankful there was a solution to him not gaining weight. He takes a bottle just fine. I took him to the Dr today again and he gained 12 oz in 5 days! So Praise the Lord what i'm doing is working for him. Even if it means the extra work of pumping and washing bottles....Well all 4 boys are napping now, i should be napping too!

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