Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some favorites

I haven't been taking as many pictures of Clay as i have with the other boys. Funny how that happens. But here are a few of my favorites.
He continues to be an easy, content baby (except for the above pic:) He does have more awake time now, but still not nursing well. Rod and i keep commenting how nice it is to just have one this time!! Thinking back on when the twins were infants has really made us enjoy this newborn phase with Clay all the more. Rod's sister is in town which means i've had lots of help, that has been a blessing. They even helped me plant my garden. The whole garden got planted in one hour! It usually takes me a good week to get everything in. So a big thank you to them for all they are doing for us.

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Jen said...

So cute! I absolutely the ones with all 4 boys... the jean shorts and the one you posted previosly with the phillies outfits. It was great to see you last night. ~Jen