Saturday, October 29, 2011

snow-tober 2011

We had a productive snow day today, let me just say i'm so glad this came on a saturday and adam didn't have to have another cancelled school day. (he had 1 cancelled day during "Lee".)

Andrea found this acorn cookie idea on a blog. I thought they were so cute and wanted to try them out.

The gal who posted this idea on her blog used mini nutter-butters instead of homeade PB cookies. Andrea discovered the homemade cookie way, and i thought they looked better and probably taste better too.
All you do is mix up a batch of PB cookies, and shape them into tiny balls, slightly larger then a marble. Dip the bottom of a Hershey Kiss into melted chocolate and top with the PB cookie. Use mini chocolate chips for the tops (also dip those in melted chocolate). They taste so good. I might go grab one or two right now...

k, I'm back. Adam wasted no time this morning and wanted to sled right away.
It was such a wet snow, that the gloves weren't cutting it. their hands kept getting so wet and cold.

Our trees and shrubs pretty much all look like this!

Clay was halarious. He's been so clingy lately, but as soon as we stepped foot outside he made me put him down and starting running all over. He was out for a good hour and loved it. I will refrain from going up to his bedroom right now and kissing those lips.
Here's "snowy", Brad's name for him. I wanted to name him 'Mr. October', partly because that's a baseball term :) We have the dumbest, most loveable cat in town..
I hope your snow day was good!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Off to Daddy's shop

The boys and I took a hike to daddy's shop today. I must be half nuts. Rod made the mistake of mentioning "i bet you could walk to my shop through the old railroad bed". Next day, we were off!
Don't mind the outfits, I try not to ask anymore what they are pretending when they get themselves dressed. But i did hear them say something about being Amish.

Here we go!
Clay really wanted Adam's walking stick..
So he went for it....And somehow got it..
Not too impressed with walking, it was much better when mommy was holding me.
getting there..
Yay! We can see daddy's sign...

We made it! (in just under an hour:)

We totally drove home.

It was a fun adventure! Only had to cross 2 roads. The boys enjoyed it, and felt like they really accomplished something!

it was a beautiful day today. maybe the last one for while?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't want to forget...

Earlier this spring we participated in the Walk for Babies, through March of Dimes. Our team was called "team miracles", with maybe 25 walkers in our group.

Next Saturday Oct. 29th from 1-4pm Team Miracles is having a fund raiser, a Fall party at Living Hope Church with games, pumpkin decorating, face painting, bounce house, food, etc. It cost $4 to come and the money goes straight to March of Dimes.

Ben and Brad are being featured that day, a write-up of their NICU experience, pictures, etc of Ben & Brad. As i wrote up a short page of their story, I almost forgot how early they were born. Was it 9 or 10 weeks?? (9). I realize that's a blessing in some ways, and part of the healing that time gives us, to move on and forget details. But i haven't thought much lately about the twins early months and how far they've come and that i DON'T want to forget! God has been so good and faithful. I like having reminders of that.

Come and bring your kids to this event if you can! March of Dimes is one of those real good organizations and I encourage you to support them!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Birthday Goodness

For my birthday this year I requested we go to Lake Tobias as a family. We've been wanting to check out this place for a couple years now, so we made it a birthday outing. Rod generously gave up his Sunday afternoon nap to take us there after church Sunday. We all enjoyed it... The big cats... We did the safari tour, which is an extra $5 per person, but well worth the experience. These animals come right up to you, looking for treats!

I can't imagine walking around with those things on my head.
I need a panaramic camera...
This was a little strange but entertaining, none the less. The petting zoo was also fascinating. Some of the sheep would not leave us alone!
I had no idea you could pet a zebra!Or have a staring contest with an ostrich..

A memorable birthday with my men! I asked the boys to guess how old i am, Ben quick declared "81"! not quite. But we'll go with 33.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

annual church picnic

Sunday eve. was our 6th annual church picnic here. We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather. It was 80 honkin' degrees!!!

Even though there were more people here then ever (close to 200 we think), i feel it went smoother then any other year. So much fun having everyone together in one spot, outside of sunday morning.

Always lots of activity for the kids. Our friend did the candy drop again.
Now that we've loaded up on candy, let's eat supper! Rod cooked a pig, which was raised and butchered by a fellow from church.
The evening's special music was performed by Jim, the bagpiper. My mom thought we were at a funeral.
Adam in the bounce house. Thankful for another year to do this, and for all those who pitched in to help it go so smooth. Thank you God for another lovely evening!

Monday, October 10, 2011

No School Today

Usually this time in the morning we're scurrying, getting last bits of food in before heading out to the bus stop. Adam is off today and the boys are outside playing, and Clay is still in bed. I'm enjoying the break from the routine.

Last Friday was nursery rhyme day at school. I think nursery rhymes are weird and had no idea was Adam should go dressed up as. I looked online for a list of nursery rhymes. I didn't kow Pat-a-cake qualified as a nursery rhyme, but he went as the "Baker's man".

I hope he behaved himself with the rolling pin.

Baker's man and Old Mother Hubbard. Also known as Mrs. Leonard, Adam's dear sweet teacher..

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I had the awesome opportunity to go to a post season Phillies game on Sunday night! No, they did not win. But it was so much fun. I've never been to the post season before. I went with my brother, and we had such a blast. We got there 2.5 hours early and just walked around, watched batting practice, shopped, etc.

Pujols and Ryan Howard before the game:
Batting pratice:I got to meet Ricky Bottalico, he's halarious (i'm impressed if you know who he is:)
It was worth every penny. Just don't ask how many pennies it took!