Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Off to Daddy's shop

The boys and I took a hike to daddy's shop today. I must be half nuts. Rod made the mistake of mentioning "i bet you could walk to my shop through the old railroad bed". Next day, we were off!
Don't mind the outfits, I try not to ask anymore what they are pretending when they get themselves dressed. But i did hear them say something about being Amish.

Here we go!
Clay really wanted Adam's walking stick..
So he went for it....And somehow got it..
Not too impressed with walking, it was much better when mommy was holding me.
getting there..
Yay! We can see daddy's sign...

We made it! (in just under an hour:)

We totally drove home.

It was a fun adventure! Only had to cross 2 roads. The boys enjoyed it, and felt like they really accomplished something!

it was a beautiful day today. maybe the last one for while?

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Anonymous said...

Good story!!! I especially like the picture of Clay with the stick.
ANdrea : )