Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't want to forget...

Earlier this spring we participated in the Walk for Babies, through March of Dimes. Our team was called "team miracles", with maybe 25 walkers in our group.

Next Saturday Oct. 29th from 1-4pm Team Miracles is having a fund raiser, a Fall party at Living Hope Church with games, pumpkin decorating, face painting, bounce house, food, etc. It cost $4 to come and the money goes straight to March of Dimes.

Ben and Brad are being featured that day, a write-up of their NICU experience, pictures, etc of Ben & Brad. As i wrote up a short page of their story, I almost forgot how early they were born. Was it 9 or 10 weeks?? (9). I realize that's a blessing in some ways, and part of the healing that time gives us, to move on and forget details. But i haven't thought much lately about the twins early months and how far they've come and that i DON'T want to forget! God has been so good and faithful. I like having reminders of that.

Come and bring your kids to this event if you can! March of Dimes is one of those real good organizations and I encourage you to support them!

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