Thursday, December 3, 2015


Last Thursday was such a pretty Thanksgiving Day.  We left the house early and went down to the Christian camp where we had our 5K/Kid's run.  A lot of my mom's side of the family participates in this so it's a fun tradition that we started last year. 
Kid's Run finishers:
Brad ran the 5K with me and he did a great job.  His time was 31:12. 
Me and my cousins.  Can't believe we are all "runners" now!   Next year we are taking the picture BEFORE we run! 

After mom's wonderful lunch and eating our homegrown turkey, we went outside to do some shooting. 
Dad shooting a gun is even scarier then Clay shooting a gun, just to give you an idea.
Adam turned 10 before Thanksgiving and wanted a light saber cake, which is a surprise to no one who is around this boy.  So proud of him and his growth in so many areas.  He's a swell little man who really loves life.
Last Sunday Rod was given tickets to the Eagles game and took the birthday boy with him.  What a special birthday treat for Adam.  I know he will remember that day for the rest of his life.  Going to the game was something new for daddy too.