Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Calamondin Orange tree

I need to brag on this tree a little.....

I've had my Calamondin tree for at least 8 years now and it's so easy, pretty, and entertaining! I keep it outside in the spring/summer and inside in the fall/winter.

Easy:: It so hardy. It's taken a frost bite or 2, with no ill effects. It also went an entire summer outside without me watering it once. (for the record i just had the twins and i was busy!) And I'm pretty certain the boys pee in it. The thing just won't die.

Pretty:: I can't believe how this thing produces! It flowers 2 or 3 times each summer with pretty white flowers and just continues to give oranges. The oranges are comparable to the size of kumquats, but rounder. Look at this picture from 2009, christmas. (yes it's also our christmas tree) look at all those oranges! We didn't need ornaments that year.

This year's Christmas...

Entertaining:: These things are so sour, we make lemonade out of them. I've also made lemon squares with them, use in tea, or throw them in smoothies.

Sometimes we just eat them for the "fun" of it! It's almost painful. These are real reactions after biting into the deliciousness...

If you're looking for a low maintenance, decorative citrus tree to have around your house, a calamondin is the way to go!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby needs a haircut when.......

--Mommy can't read him a book without choking on the hair.....

--Strangers talk about "her" and "she", without hesitation, obviously very confident they know the gender....

--Mommy doesn't bother to correct them anymore....

--You're pretty sure great-grandma is losing sleep over this...

--and lastly, when he wakes up from a nap looking like this!! --

We only plan to have fun at Clay's expense a little while longer. Haircut the new year...probably :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

A beautiful mess...

The picture doesn't quite capture it, but i'm just glad they were playing outside!! this winter i want to encourage at least 2 hours of outdoor play each day, some in the morning and in the afternoon. i think it would do us all a lot of good, and my house won't get as trashed :)

of course that amount of time isn't hard when it's nice out, but in the winter unless there's snow on the ground, they don't want to go out much. i want them to learn that once you get bundled up and get out there, you get used to the cold and you can have just as much fun as when it's warm. Plus it really feels good once you come back in.

and if mommy pretends she likes to be outside in the winter, that might help too!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The good ole animals

My blog wouldn't be complete w/out an animal update...

For those of you who stated that my newborn baby bunnies were hideous, gross, ugly, and the like (you know who you are :) thought i need to post 4 week pictures instead of 1 day old pictures.
(a couple of these pictures are from Maredith)
All 8 survived and are doing great. Mamma did not survive however. The babies are old enough though and can live w/out mamma.
We found our first Guinea egg on Friday. You can see here a Guinea egg compared to a chicken egg. Look how big the guinea egg is! ! Just kidding, the Guinea egg is the small one., about 1/2 the size of a chicken egg.

Rod took time out of his Saturday to build the kitties a house. He's done this before and it's so neat. He actually seals the house to our door, Helping to make the house warmer inside. I think puffy is pleased. Good night!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Upon our arrival home into the Philadelphia airport last week, we immediately heard Christmas music! Yup, we went straight from relaxing Aruba to the busy Christmas season. School functions, a brunch, an evening tea, candy making day, family get togethers are all on December's calendar. Add to that the other traditions i hope to do with the boys, like making cookies, a trip to the food bank, and our Samaritans Purse donations. And Christmas shopping? Well that hasn't even taken place yet. But we're pacing ourselves :) I'm enjoying our advent series this year, one i hadn't heard of but a friend recommended it, called 'Truth in the Tinsel'. We are totally not doing an ornament each day, but reading and discussing the given text has been great. My prayer has been that the boys would learn something new and grow in their knowledge surrounding Jesus birth.

I put colored lights up this year and told the boys it's just for them, since noone from the road can see them! Last week the Freed's came here to live in our apartment for the month. They've gone to our church, but the past 4 years have been living in Guatemala serving the children down there. So good to be with them and hear more about what they are doing. I have to put leashes on the boys and tie them up so they stop going downstairs! They love them, especially the "tickle monster", Mr. Denny. Love what they are doing in Guat and excited for them as they switch missions and begin a new location of serving.

An added bonus of the weekend was Krista came to town and also stayed here! (We did the math, there were 6 boys and 6 girls in our house over that time!) Clay really warmed up to her this time. He used to pretend not to like her :) Oh how we missed this girl!
Today's advent focused on Mary and her encounter with Gabriel. I told the boys how surprised i was to find out i was having twins, i can't imagine how surprised Mary must have been when finding out she'll be having God's son!!! her response: "I am the Lord's servant." wow. I am challenged. (My response was: "This can't be! I already have another baby at home!") There is some growing to be had in that area :)

Speaking of twins, tomorrow i find out if Nadene is having 2 boys, or 2 girls, or 1 of each! So excited to share in this whole 'twin parenting thing' with her. These babies are blessed to have Bob and Nadene for parents.

Back to Christmas... I'm inspired to learn more, reflect more, and at the same time see it through my children's eyes. Adam's love language is gifts, so look out, he's wrapping gifts (junk around the house) for anyone and everyone. He just wants to give (and receive). It's an exciting time for him and i enjoy watching his enthusiam. This time of year is a good excuse for him to use his love language. And it's an open door for me to emphasize that all those years ago God gave us the greatest Gift!

Blessings this Christmas...