Wednesday, August 29, 2012

bugs and batman

Last year the boys found lots of dead insects and we kept them for fun but Clay got a hold of them and destroyed them.
This summer i told them to collect stuff and we'll frame them.  I wasn't sure how it would work, i've never framed bugs before :) but it was easy.  Just buy a shadow box and hot glue the critters to the cardboard included with the frame.  You can label them too, which i haven't done yet. 
We're still waiting on a butterfly for the bottom left corner.  I found that massive moth in the other corner thank you very much :)
Brad took it in to school for show and tell yesterday.  I like having boys.

Clay likes having dibs on whatever toy he wants in the morning, without a brother swiping it away.  I don't think he's ever been "allowed" to wear the twins batman mask.  But today Clay got to be Batman for the morning.  I hope it was everything he dreamed it would be.  He sure looked proud. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

New school year!

I'm sure you all are tired of seeing everyone's back to school pics all over the world wide web, but here's more for ya :)

Our first day went great!  They woke up before their alarm, excited.  Adam is happy to have Ben and Brad to get ready with, and go to school w/ in the mornings.  He's so much more at peace this year, so proud of his progress. 
First grade:

Ben and Brad are excited of course because they know their teacher, they know the classroom, and they have each other, so nothing to be scared about there!

The twins had just an hour of school today, which is tradition for Farmdale for Kindergarteners- to get the kids adjusted.  The parents stay in with them and get talked to...

Clay is 2, but we try to humor him too. 
Adam came home on the bus, I love how they assign the younger kids the short buses to help them feel comfortable where they otherwise might be intimidated.  There are 4 whole kids on his bus this year!  i love it!  He's the first stop and comes home right after school lets out.  very nice.

I was so ready for the school year to start.  I guess i made some progess since last year too :)  We've gotten lots of recent confirmation that this is where God wants our boys and that brings so much peace!  Having a little break from these busy, noisy boys brings much peace too :)  I've been doing lots of praying for them, and know that others are too.  I think they will do just fine this year.

Next week starts mom's prayer group for Farmdale moms.  Looking forward to that weekly time with the ladies. 

So proud of these boys!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Rod took this hornets nest down from my parents tree the other night....with bees still buzzing around in it!!!

We put it in a garbage bag and left it set for a couple days.  Adam wanted to open it today and spray it....So they all got decked out in their bee protector outfits (snow suits) and i opened the bag....

SO glad the bees were all dead!

The nest is so amazing.  We plan to hang it around here somewhere, we didn't ask my parents if we can have it, we just claimed it :)  Mom got stung twice from the bees. 

Adam wants to kill bees for a living now.  He wants bee spray for his birthday.  Interesting little fellow.  As soon as he gets stung that will be the end of his latest kick!

Friday, August 24, 2012


i had the urge to try making mozz. cheese.  I found a recipe on making it in 30 minutes.  It uses the microwave which i don't like to do.  but it made it go much quicker so i opted to try this version:

it was fun, tastes like string cheese!  i do need to try again though and get the texture stretchier. 

it was good warm, right after it was made.  so now i got that urge out of the way :) 

i have extra of these ingredients if anyone needs them...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

last bit of summer

i've tried keeping the calendar clear this week and next to enjoy the last bit of summer here on the homefront. 
this week's highlights guineas!!  (of course an animal would be involved) we didn't know we had a male guinea, but low and behold we had 6 eggs hatch, after mama sat on them for 3 weeks!
she is a good mama. 

and likely a stressed out mama at times like these....

The boys have been riding this thing non stop.  It's a total gas hog, we have to fill it almost every day! 
They've arranged themselves in just about every combination you can think of. 

even in their dress up customes.  you don't see this every day!
Oh these boys make me tired.  They go go go all day long.  But they sleep like logs all night.  It's been a good summer.  Hard to believe it's soon over. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


we're helping with the neighbors pool again for several days.  adam wanted the grandmas to see that "I can swim now!"  he obviously never took lessons- the nose holding and doggie paddling gives that away :)  but i am still proud of him!  He's teaching himself how to swim. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

photo shoot

Adam has a friend in school whose father does some photography.  we lined him up a couple weeks ago and he got some pictures around our place, of just the boys.  the photo shoot contained so many circus-like moments....adam breaking a piece of his equipment, clay not holding still, and the crazy wind storm to name a few.  but it was a good time, and i didn't really have any expectations.  it was a good way to get to know the family a little better, and give him some business. 
considering what we were dealing with - 4 orneries- he did a very good job!

individual pics worked better then the 4 together...

look how grown up..



the 4...

The clouds were amazing during this wind rain, so we kept snapping pictures..they started to throw hay at the photographer..

And we're done. 

Rod and i are feeling blessed by the connections we've been making within our community over the past year.  Most of that is due to Adam being in school now.  And that was Rod's main reason for wanting to start the boys at public school.  Being connected in the community is a neat thing.   We were invited to a pig roast last weekend, through one of the families at farmdale.  I was really looking forward to going but didn't think we'd know anyone.  We ended up knowing about half the people and there were at least 100 people there!  All community connections, (school, rod's work, awana).  Adam's teacher from last year was there, it was wonderful to see her.  Even though the school doesn't notify parents who their kids teachers will be until the week before school, Mrs. Leonard told me she has the twins this year!  i was so excited.  i think she knew that when i started jumping up and down.  She's an amazing teacher.  so happy to work with her again this year.  We don't know whether Farmdale is our long term choice, but for now we are enjoying the benefits of this school, the impressive staff there, and the connections we are making.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

recent harvests and bird feeders...

my garden is giving us so much goodness this year!  i credit that to timely rains, mushroom mulch, and the steaming we gave it back in the spring. 

the garden is mostly my baby, but it has been a whole family affair when it comes to the fun stuff :) 
I canned carrots for the first time.  I usually freeze them, but canning allows for quicker meal prep work, and they taste better then frozen!

Nothing like home grown potatoes!  fun to dig and they are huge and disease free this year.  the potato bugs were bad though but didn't seem to affect them.  We have many more bucket fulls still in the ground...This was our first picking. 
(clay was called a girl at mcdonalds with this blue baseball outfit on...seriously!?)

Making tomato juice...

Lots of access to sweet corn.  I probably should have froze more, but it was easier to give it away!

This has been a strange year for my green beans.  the season was cut short due to the hot hot weather and no a month later they have produced new greens, flowers, and i'm harvesting them again!  I'm not complaining! 

The pole bean teepee sorta, kinda worked..

We've been having 2 hummingbirds come around very often lately.  and staying longer so i could get a picture.  They've never fed at the same time though. 
I told the boys i wanted to make a homemade bird feeder and i had an idea in mind (or found on pinterest:)  Adam said "no i know how to make those, a friend from school brought one in for sharing"  So he totally took over and made this himself. 
It's just a water jug, with a hole cut out., peanut butter spread over the outside and roll it in bird seed.  Put more birdseed inside the container.  We have yet to see a bird feed here, but hopefully it will happen!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pond day

Last year Andrea and i took the kids to Elk Neck State Park, which was a lot of fun.  But this year we agreed that they would enjoy Mel's pond just as much, and since it's right behind the farm, it made good sense to do that instead!  So we packed up for a day at the pond.  It got cut a little short due to thunder, but they sure had a blast.Hightlights for the kids was the big tube and the boggie boards... 

Is Grandma looking??

I grew up going to this pond, it's neat to bring my kids here now!