Tuesday, August 7, 2012

recent harvests and bird feeders...

my garden is giving us so much goodness this year!  i credit that to timely rains, mushroom mulch, and the steaming we gave it back in the spring. 

the garden is mostly my baby, but it has been a whole family affair when it comes to the fun stuff :) 
I canned carrots for the first time.  I usually freeze them, but canning allows for quicker meal prep work, and they taste better then frozen!

Nothing like home grown potatoes!  fun to dig and they are huge and disease free this year.  the potato bugs were bad though but didn't seem to affect them.  We have many more bucket fulls still in the ground...This was our first picking. 
(clay was called a girl at mcdonalds with this blue baseball outfit on...seriously!?)

Making tomato juice...

Lots of access to sweet corn.  I probably should have froze more, but it was easier to give it away!

This has been a strange year for my green beans.  the season was cut short due to the hot hot weather and no rain...now a month later they have produced new greens, flowers, and i'm harvesting them again!  I'm not complaining! 

The pole bean teepee sorta, kinda worked..

We've been having 2 hummingbirds come around very often lately.  and staying longer so i could get a picture.  They've never fed at the same time though. 
I told the boys i wanted to make a homemade bird feeder and i had an idea in mind (or found on pinterest:)  Adam said "no i know how to make those, a friend from school brought one in for sharing"  So he totally took over and made this himself. 
It's just a water jug, with a hole cut out., peanut butter spread over the outside and roll it in bird seed.  Put more birdseed inside the container.  We have yet to see a bird feed here, but hopefully it will happen!

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