Monday, August 27, 2012

New school year!

I'm sure you all are tired of seeing everyone's back to school pics all over the world wide web, but here's more for ya :)

Our first day went great!  They woke up before their alarm, excited.  Adam is happy to have Ben and Brad to get ready with, and go to school w/ in the mornings.  He's so much more at peace this year, so proud of his progress. 
First grade:

Ben and Brad are excited of course because they know their teacher, they know the classroom, and they have each other, so nothing to be scared about there!

The twins had just an hour of school today, which is tradition for Farmdale for Kindergarteners- to get the kids adjusted.  The parents stay in with them and get talked to...

Clay is 2, but we try to humor him too. 
Adam came home on the bus, I love how they assign the younger kids the short buses to help them feel comfortable where they otherwise might be intimidated.  There are 4 whole kids on his bus this year!  i love it!  He's the first stop and comes home right after school lets out.  very nice.

I was so ready for the school year to start.  I guess i made some progess since last year too :)  We've gotten lots of recent confirmation that this is where God wants our boys and that brings so much peace!  Having a little break from these busy, noisy boys brings much peace too :)  I've been doing lots of praying for them, and know that others are too.  I think they will do just fine this year.

Next week starts mom's prayer group for Farmdale moms.  Looking forward to that weekly time with the ladies. 

So proud of these boys!

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Anonymous said...

aniGood school pics guys. Adam, I'm so glad you are excited about first grade, you look so grown up. Ben & Brad, I bet you will have a lot to talk about when you get home, about all the things you did in school today, Clay will want to talk about his day too, maybe he will pretend he goes to school too. love you, grandma(tractor)