Wednesday, August 1, 2012

wild edibles

Rod's aunt took some ladies and kids on a nature walk today to show us what's edible and what's not out there in the woods/in nature. 
it was quite interesting.  i really wanted to remember everything, but i'm afraid it didn't happen.  i took notes and pictures of plants that were discussed. 

discoveries from today:
Clay was a handful, that's not a new discovery. 
Wood Sorrel.  Everything is edible here, it looks like clover, has yellow flowers, tastes like lemon.  This grows all over my garden.
Burdock.  All parts are edible here, the fuzzy purple flowers are like velcro. 
this is Dock, another edible.  All the above plants discussed are good on salads, or even cooked and thrown in casseroles, lasagna, soups, etc.
This is Jewel Weed, and is not edible, but it prevents you from getting poison if you rub it on your skin after having contact with poison ivy.  It's usually grows right around where you see poison.  thanks God :)
It gets an orange flower during late summer.
Sumac. Tasty stuff, the boys loved it. 

I don't like spiders, but how could you not stare at this beauty..

DO NOT EAT!  Anything that looks like Queen Anne's Lace...It might be this stuff, called Hemlock. and it's very poisonous. 
We also learned about Nettle, Field Cress, Wild Mustard, and Red Root.  All edible plants.  Can't wait to walk around our woods and see what we can find!

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Jen said...

What a fun adventure! I remember hearing about some of those plants... but it hasn't sunk in yet! Great idea to take pictures to help you remember it all. ~Jen