Saturday, July 28, 2012

New birds

I told you we were getting these! 

Silkies, is their name.  And i don't know much about them, but i hope they lay eggs :)

Rod saw them somewhere and thought our farm needs them.  And my mom was just way too excited to pick them up for us the other day, right mom?!

(I didn't get the greatest pictures because they don't hold still!  i should be used to that :)
So i counted out how many animals we are caring for right now.  And it's 33!  And that's not including a few wild cats that come around for our scraps.  This includes chickens, bunnies, cats, guineas, and a snapping turtle.  No wonder i'm feeling about maxed out in the animal up keep department.  We're actually about to double that number, as we are getting 30 more silkie chicks next month, to raise for a couple months, then resell them. 
(baby silkie)

Apparently we have nothing better to do. 

We will involve the boys as much as possible.  They do a pretty good job with their animal chores, and are learning a lot about about animals and are having fun with them. 

I love animals and think their instincts are amazing.  I'm reminded that God's an awesome creator a lot through our animals. 

If you want to own a Silkie this fall, you know where to find one!

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