Friday, July 6, 2012


See that picture above?? 
Just felt the need to say that it wasn't as easy as it might look to get that shot....First off, i took a good 60 pictures, just to get one that i like.  Also, Adam is holding a dead bird head in the photo, which him and Ben were fighting over for several minutes, thus delaying our lovely photo shoot.  Clay would NOT hold still, not look at the camera and not smile.  Until, that is, that i made a total fool out of myself with a dramatic game of peek-a-boo.  At the end of the shoot, Adam started crying.  I forget why.  I think he lost the dead bird head or something. 
So anyway, wanted to clear the air, just in case anyone thought for a moment that i'm some kind of miracle maker who can get 4 boys to cooperate so easily.  I am thankful though that they generally go along with my photo ideas. 
There you have it :)

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