Saturday, July 14, 2012


i really didn't have neighbors growing up.  we were down a long lane, like i am now.  but we were surrounded by fields and meadows, and not really any people.  Our closest neighbors were my grandparents and they don't count.  :)

So now that we live here and are surrounded by neighbors (at a distance), i like it.  We have 5 houses close by at our corner.  They range from an old couple, to amish, to a young family our age.  We've been given a hard time from a couple of our neighbors from the beginning.  I won't go into detail in case they happen to read this :)  But i've been really thankful lately for the ones we have a good relationship with. 

Our amish neighbors have offered us their 2nd's of corn.  He sells the first ear to a market or something similar, but they won't take his 2nd ears. So we've been able to come anytime and get those ears.  It's right along our lane too which is handy.  I've gotten several hundred ears, giving most of away, and putting lots in our freezer too.

The neighbors our age, with twin girls Clay's age, have been sharing their inground pool with us this summer.  Starting today, they are away for 8 days, and we are 'in charge' of their pool!  whoo hoo!  (You know where we'll be hanging out all next week.) 

Daddy getting confirmation that he never wants to own a pool...

We went over this evening until dark. 

and of course there's our neighbor girl, who people tease is my daughter.  She goes a few weeks sometimes without coming over, whenever she needs a break from the boys (wish i could do that sometimes) but she always comes back and it's neat to see what she adds to our family.
We took a walk out our lane recently and prayed for our neighbors, thanking God for each of them and asking Him to help us be a Light in this neighborhood. 

I think it's important to be kind to neighbors.  Never know when you might need them or benefit from what they have to offer :) 

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