Tuesday, April 12, 2016


3 kids birthdays in 4 days, makes our lives exciting!  We had a joined family party and a joined friends party this year.  Ben was very sick on his actual birthday, with a high fever and nausea.  But the festivities weren't on his birthday so he wasn't ripped off too bad.  He did start to get sick at the end of the family party. 

B & B picked the basketball theme.  Age 9 for the twins...Clay - 6.
Grandpa bought a huge Easter bunny, and wanted to do a 'piñata' of sorts at the party.  It was so funny.  The kids each had a chance to pound away a chunk of chocolate for themselves. 

Sunday after church they had friends over.  The guitar cake is in honor of Clay, who is just a hair obsessed with electric guitars.
We had a big crew, but were able to play a group game for a little while!

My favorite picture!  This was totally not staged.  I was walking behind them at the park, and suddenly they look at each other and do the arm thing.  Admit it, this is the sweetest thing you've ever seen.
Clay woke up to some snow on his birthday, pretty sure that was a first. 
Lego Fest came to Harrisburg Farm Show complex.  Back in October I bought tickets for it, since it was on Clay's birthday.  But let's be honest, I would have gotten tickets anyway.  The boys love their legos.
It was pretty full with kids, mostly boys, and I was wondering how I'd survive 4.5 hours but it was well run, organized and spaced out nicely, making it tolerable for parents!  They had a great time. 
Bridge building contest.  How much weight can the bridge hold?
With Daddy's help, they made the record for the weekend with 70 pounds!
McQueen, all Lego-fied
Making a shield
Laying down in a pile of legos is very satisfying...
I know I can't freeze time, but if I could pick an age to freeze, it would be right now.  I love their ages.  They are independent, but also still need and want me.  I know time will just continue to fly!  Which is ok, as long as i'm enjoying and taking in the 'now'.  I'm challenged with that at times, as it's easy to look forward to the next thing and missing out on what's there right now.