Monday, April 25, 2011

Cool critters

Today we've seen some cool animals! Meg had off school and her and Adam explorered the creek and her pond. They came back with 5 frogs and a big crayfish.
This eve while Rod was mowing he spotted this huge snapping turtle on our lane!
The turtle was not a happy camper about getting picked up! Rod seemed to know it couldn't snap at him if he picked it up this way. Another day on the Gingrich funny farm!

Friday, April 22, 2011

This week

One thing with having 3 preschoolers is you really get into holidays; learning about them, celebrating, crafting, visual lessons, etc. This week has been really good here with the focus being on Easter.

We've been doing the Resurrection Eggs for the past week. Not sure who gave us these, but we are enjoying opening an egg each day and reading about what that item symbolizes.
Adam saw this craft on the back of one of our Easter books and just "had" to do it. Easter flags.

Thursday we did a footwashing service, right smack in the toy room. After reading from John, we all took turns washing my feet and i washed theirs. It was a good lesson for me and them about how everyone should be humble and serve, no matter how important the person. I won't lie to you though, it got a little dicey at the end. boys will be boys.

Watching this video over and over. Love this song.

Got this idea from cousin Rina. Chocolate covered bunny pops! A cute and easy project using marshmallow bunnies. And of course the eggs....

Have a blessed Easter, everyone.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting there

Clay is getting closer to becoming a regular walker! He had been walking between furniture for a while now, and just this week started doing more steps. It's my favorite stage, when they start walking! I know, I'm strange like that. Go Clay!

This little boy makes me tired! He is always into something, fingers caught here, can't get down from there, etc etc. I never understood why parents use those doggie looking leashes on their kids, like at the mall and stuff. Until this little man came along. Now i have it on our yard sale list! Love him so much.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday parties

This weekend was party weekend for Ben & Brad and also for Clay! Little man turned 1 on Saturday.

First, Ben and Brad's party....We had their birthday barn party on Saturday. Brad really enjoyed playing w/ friends and Ben really enjoyed opening presents :) It was a chilly day, but everyone hung in there. I'm thankful for a husband who didn't even once ask me what i was thinking by inviting all these people! (there were about 25 kids here) I think he was as surprised as i was that all but one came to the party. It went really well for that amount of kids. But with that said, I shall do things differently the next time :)
I didn't let them see the cake until their party. Although they tried peeking quite a bit on Friday and pretty much knew what it looked like! It was a fun cake, Adam helped with the decorating. Opening gifts.A big shout out to the grandmas and moms who stayed and helped on Saturday! It was VERY much appreciated!

My mom put together a nice little celebration for Clay last eve, with the whole family. Clay wasted no time with his birthday cupcake.

They can stop growing up now! Time has been flying latey and most likely will only go faster as they grow. They are a joy and a blessing! Praying they all have great years being 1, 4, and 5 years old.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4 years ago

It was April 6, 2007. Good Friday. I'd already been in the hospital 4 days. My contractions kept getting stronger even though i was on medication to stop them. I didn't sleep well the previous night. I was dilated at 6 cm. But the heart burn was worse then the contractions. Adam and my mom came to visit in the morning and he was rammy, making contractions tricky. Around noon the doctors decided they were taking the babies. Once they made that decision there was no messing around. Right before they wheeled me out of my room, the phone rang. They told me to get it. It was my cousin-in-law offering to come and give me a pedicure. No can do, gotta go have the babies. Rod barely made it in time. They kept asking me if i was ok. I don't know, could we just get this over with please? I had a c-section before and was not scared about that. Was stunned to see the twins. So, so small. I was told immediately they are breathing on their own. The atmosphere in the OR was very positive. Lots of staff in there, doctors, nurses, NICU nurses, etc. Rod was walking around videoing everything. They wheeled them off to the NICU and Rod went with them while i went to the recovery room. I felt very good. Rod would come in and update me, he was excited. I was too, rather naive to the world of preemies. I went over to the NICU shortly after and held the boys. I remember being totally shocked at the NICU nurses. totally. They were like night and day to the other staff i had the previous 5 days. The NICU nurses are the best. They are sweet and calm and explain everything. The quintuplets were in the NICU at the same time as the twins. After holding the twins they wheeled me back to my room where i stayed for 3 nights. I had 2 sets of visitors within a couple hours and both didn't realize i just had the boys until we told them! They thought i was still on bedrest. They were surprised! I remember this day pretty good, it was a positive day, just taking things as they came. Everything was so new to us. We had so much support and prayers from friends and family.
Everyone has a unique birth story. Thought i'd relive and share mine! Happy birthday to my handsome little men!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday week

Wednesday is Ben & Brad's 4th birthday! They are excited to go to Awana that eve and hear their class sing to them. Their birthday party is Saturday. A friend party, like Adam did on his 4th birthday. I believe there are 20 some kids coming. Wish me luck!! You know how i get when it comes to milestones and birthdays for the twins. I always reflect in a way i never will with the other two. They've come so far. They are certainly not the biggest or strongest 4 year olds you'll ever see, but they are Fun, Friendly, and Full of life! They have more then made up for the rough couple years they began their life with and I'm still amazed at what God has done in them.
Only a mother of preemies would understand why i feel the need to do this every year! 1 month

almost 4
This same container was their 'home' for the beginning weeks after they came home from the NICU. Brad was just under 4 pounds when we brought them home. Ben 4.5lbs. i spent some time explaining to them today how small they were and that they needed extra help in the hospital when they were born. And like any boy, they were off to the next thing before i could finish. i think they got the jist ?? :) I wonder if by the time they are 18 they will be tired of the annual container picture. I'm excited for us to participate in the Walk for Babies next month, which raises money to better equip NICU's for preemie care. Happy early birthday to my little men. My prayer for them from the time they were little is that someday they will begin to use their special birth story to bring God glory and point others to Him. Oh and there is another special little man also with a birthday this week, who deserves a post all his of these days.