Friday, April 22, 2011

This week

One thing with having 3 preschoolers is you really get into holidays; learning about them, celebrating, crafting, visual lessons, etc. This week has been really good here with the focus being on Easter.

We've been doing the Resurrection Eggs for the past week. Not sure who gave us these, but we are enjoying opening an egg each day and reading about what that item symbolizes.
Adam saw this craft on the back of one of our Easter books and just "had" to do it. Easter flags.

Thursday we did a footwashing service, right smack in the toy room. After reading from John, we all took turns washing my feet and i washed theirs. It was a good lesson for me and them about how everyone should be humble and serve, no matter how important the person. I won't lie to you though, it got a little dicey at the end. boys will be boys.

Watching this video over and over. Love this song.

Got this idea from cousin Rina. Chocolate covered bunny pops! A cute and easy project using marshmallow bunnies. And of course the eggs....

Have a blessed Easter, everyone.

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