Thursday, May 23, 2013

kale chips

we're getting lots of kale in the garden so i made a bunch of kale chips today.  oh man they are good!  it's an easy process and a fun way to get kids to eat kale. 

line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.  throw some kale in a bowl; drizzle some oil and mix until the kale is coated.  spread them on the cookie sheet/s and sprinkle a little salt.  not too much, as the kale shrinks once baked but the salt does not!  you can also use old bay seasoning, or garlic salt, or red pepper flakes, etc.  we just like plain old sea salt on ours.

bake them at 275 for 20-25 minutes. 

You don't even need to show manners when eating them.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


I love May.  I'm always sore and exhausted by the end of the day, but yet I love May.  And it's going too fast. 
Here are a few things from our month:
Our hummingbird came this week and shows up several times a day.  Assuming it's the same one that keeps coming back.   These birds are so neat and fun to watch (and listen to)

The boys are enjoying Derrick and Carly's presence at our house.  Derrick is into RC cars, rockets, and sports so he is the boys hero right now..
Carly and the boys.

Did someone say free chicken food??  what we won't do for something free.  It might have gotten a little dusty.

We need a little less chicken food now actually, since last week we butchered 7 of our chickens.  Rod had never butchered a chicken before, but it went much easier then we thought.  the hardest part was trying to catch the chickens, since they all got out of their pen before we started.
If anyone is interested in knowing this, the grayish chicken to the right was an all white feathered silkie.  That is normal skin coloring for a white silkie- strange!  The normal looking chickens up top were dark brown feathered chickens. 
The boys played their last soccer game on Saturday.  They had a great year, Brad scored his first goal on the last game.  I was so glad, the other boys have already scored so I really wanted Brad to.  I enjoyed helping out w/ the devotions on Adam's team.  I loved his team of 8 boys who all were high energy, fun loving, happy boys who played well together.  Adam had a blast w/ them.

Adam and his long time church buddy, on defense.  Love how Adam's age group starts playing positions.   He prefers offense due to being able to score.
Ben and Brad's team, they made a new friend Brian.  All the boys had B names, their poor coach! (the tall girl was the coaches helper, not a teammate).
Finally took my mom out for Mother's day on Friday.  We have a tradition of going to El Rodeo for lunch to celebrate mother's day.  We all love the place but rarely go, so it's a special time.  We took Adam out of school when we picked up Ben and Brad from K.  Family comes before perfect attendance in this house!
We went to Friendship Community fundraiser and got to see an amazing juggler.  I mean, I've never, ever seen anyone so good before.  He's very much a professional.  He also did magic and used Brad for one of his tricks. 
That's a look into the 'extras' of our life here this month.  There's also cooking, cleaning, weeding, errands, dishes, laundry, homework...etc.  but wouldn't want to bore you with all of that :) 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day- a fitting poem for me and some of you!


I have some little people with fine hair and rosey cheeks
They giggle and they squeal quite as often as they speak.
They climb on me each morning and chase me through the day,
... Asking lots of questions and begging me to play.
It's easy to get busy with the things I need to do,
Forgetting that their playful days are fleeting and too few.
O, Lord, please help me notice what's important and what's not,
To cherish precious moments and to mother as I ought.
Please keep me from distractions that would rob me of the joy
That you have planned to give me through my precious girls and boys.
Please help me teach them of Your ways, this is my highest aim,
I long to see my children live to glorify Your name.

O, help me be the model that would draw them to Your throne,
Let me make for them a haven that would turn their hearts to home,
And in these fast and fleeting years, please help me not to miss
The treasure that you give me in each cuddle and each kiss.
Please give to me a child's heart, to see the way they see,
To savor every moment with these ones so dear to me
so when I 'm old and looking back at every blessed year
I will rejoice that I was there to share each joy and tear.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Blessed by them

My quartet sang yesterday in church.  "He's still working on me" is a song I grew up with, the boys catch on quick to songs and I enjoy teaching them songs since they take to it.  I love using song to teach them God's goodness and to bless others. 

We had help from a wonderful lady at church who directed them that morning so I could video.  (a shaky video, mommy was nervous).  Rod was in charge of Clay.  That was a job all it's own :)  he did great, other then showing off his belly and picking his nose!  very mild compared to practices at home!

I enjoy the words to this song.  Proud of my babies!