Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday parties

This weekend was party weekend for Ben & Brad and also for Clay! Little man turned 1 on Saturday.

First, Ben and Brad's party....We had their birthday barn party on Saturday. Brad really enjoyed playing w/ friends and Ben really enjoyed opening presents :) It was a chilly day, but everyone hung in there. I'm thankful for a husband who didn't even once ask me what i was thinking by inviting all these people! (there were about 25 kids here) I think he was as surprised as i was that all but one came to the party. It went really well for that amount of kids. But with that said, I shall do things differently the next time :)
I didn't let them see the cake until their party. Although they tried peeking quite a bit on Friday and pretty much knew what it looked like! It was a fun cake, Adam helped with the decorating. Opening gifts.A big shout out to the grandmas and moms who stayed and helped on Saturday! It was VERY much appreciated!

My mom put together a nice little celebration for Clay last eve, with the whole family. Clay wasted no time with his birthday cupcake.

They can stop growing up now! Time has been flying latey and most likely will only go faster as they grow. They are a joy and a blessing! Praying they all have great years being 1, 4, and 5 years old.

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