Sunday, July 22, 2012

This week i found myself asking God for strength more so then normal.  Inside i've been feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities, along with some general disappointments throughout the week and it brought me down. 

I didn't want to stay there.  I realized the other day i almost missed out on my week due to this.  I want to be able to take my thoughts captive, like it talks about in 2 chorinthians.. Perhaps i should start with taking 20% of my thoughts captive and go from there :)

The boys have been a great source of joy this week and God used them to help me not take life too seriously. 

They've made a lot of progress in the water.  We had a fun time pool sitting and took advantage of the opportunity to swim.  We went 7 straight days and had friends join in a couple days.  Adam started jumping in, and everyone seemed more comfortable in the water.

We sold lemonade and flowers on Thurs.  The boys were raising money for Haiti, they made over $13.00.  it's always fun to meet the people that stop. 

One van stopped and 6 kids hopped out of the car.  It was so funny,  we had a waiting line!  (for the observant among you, yes adam changed shirts!)

Daddy and the boys are making me a cold cellar in the basement of our tobacco barn.  This fall i will store my access potatoes, red beets, and carrots in the cellar and experiment with how it works. 

Recipe of the week:

It's called  Tomato-Basil Parmesan soup from Pinterest.  A must try.  It's very good, and even better leftover.  The recipe gives crockpot instructions but i just made it quick over the stove.  I never make soup in the summertime, it's kinda our rule, it's just too hot in the summer to eat it.  Rod must have thought i was mad at him or something when he came home for lunch to find soup on the table.  I coudn't resist, it looked too good!

The funny farm is about to get funnier.  Coming soon, Silkies!  (i think they are chickens)  more on these little goobers later. 

Have a blessed week!

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