Thursday, August 16, 2012

last bit of summer

i've tried keeping the calendar clear this week and next to enjoy the last bit of summer here on the homefront. 
this week's highlights guineas!!  (of course an animal would be involved) we didn't know we had a male guinea, but low and behold we had 6 eggs hatch, after mama sat on them for 3 weeks!
she is a good mama. 

and likely a stressed out mama at times like these....

The boys have been riding this thing non stop.  It's a total gas hog, we have to fill it almost every day! 
They've arranged themselves in just about every combination you can think of. 

even in their dress up customes.  you don't see this every day!
Oh these boys make me tired.  They go go go all day long.  But they sleep like logs all night.  It's been a good summer.  Hard to believe it's soon over. 

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