Sunday, December 11, 2011

The good ole animals

My blog wouldn't be complete w/out an animal update...

For those of you who stated that my newborn baby bunnies were hideous, gross, ugly, and the like (you know who you are :) thought i need to post 4 week pictures instead of 1 day old pictures.
(a couple of these pictures are from Maredith)
All 8 survived and are doing great. Mamma did not survive however. The babies are old enough though and can live w/out mamma.
We found our first Guinea egg on Friday. You can see here a Guinea egg compared to a chicken egg. Look how big the guinea egg is! ! Just kidding, the Guinea egg is the small one., about 1/2 the size of a chicken egg.

Rod took time out of his Saturday to build the kitties a house. He's done this before and it's so neat. He actually seals the house to our door, Helping to make the house warmer inside. I think puffy is pleased. Good night!

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Brandy said...

We'll need to visit this Gingrich zoo soon.