Saturday, October 29, 2011

snow-tober 2011

We had a productive snow day today, let me just say i'm so glad this came on a saturday and adam didn't have to have another cancelled school day. (he had 1 cancelled day during "Lee".)

Andrea found this acorn cookie idea on a blog. I thought they were so cute and wanted to try them out.

The gal who posted this idea on her blog used mini nutter-butters instead of homeade PB cookies. Andrea discovered the homemade cookie way, and i thought they looked better and probably taste better too.
All you do is mix up a batch of PB cookies, and shape them into tiny balls, slightly larger then a marble. Dip the bottom of a Hershey Kiss into melted chocolate and top with the PB cookie. Use mini chocolate chips for the tops (also dip those in melted chocolate). They taste so good. I might go grab one or two right now...

k, I'm back. Adam wasted no time this morning and wanted to sled right away.
It was such a wet snow, that the gloves weren't cutting it. their hands kept getting so wet and cold.

Our trees and shrubs pretty much all look like this!

Clay was halarious. He's been so clingy lately, but as soon as we stepped foot outside he made me put him down and starting running all over. He was out for a good hour and loved it. I will refrain from going up to his bedroom right now and kissing those lips.
Here's "snowy", Brad's name for him. I wanted to name him 'Mr. October', partly because that's a baseball term :) We have the dumbest, most loveable cat in town..
I hope your snow day was good!

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Anonymous said...

The acorns look great, you got the cookie just the right size!!

Greg took the kids for a snowmobile ride Sun. morning before church -CRAZY!
ANdrea : )