Monday, May 10, 2010

~Mother's Day~

Hoping you all had a nice Mother's day yesterday.

Mine started off on a selfish note. The boys didn't do anything for me, and i was disappointed rod didn't have the boys do something. I knew it was selfish, but i couldn't help it! I didn't want him to buy me anything. Just have the boys scribble on some paper, that would have been fine :) So at breakfast Adam says "mom, we forgot to do a craft for you!" (i had told him the day before to make something for me while i was away:) So after breakfast i helped the boys make me a craft! They were sweet and handed me their creation and said Happy Mother's day. Actually Ben said "Happy....pause......I have to poop!" Well ok, there goes that moment!

I was so happy to be able to go to church, Ben had been sick the 2 days before and i was certain the other ones would have gotten it by Sunday. But they didn't, and Ben was better. I seriously think this is the first time one has gotten sick without the others getting it!! And i really enjoyed the service. Pretty sure God wanted me to go :)

I was convicted about my selfishness. A handful of ladies were asked to share about their moms and experiences growing up and it was so neat to hear the honor these ladies had for their moms. I was challenged to be a loving and prayerful mom, mirroring God's love and using our God given Mother's heart to love our children and others supernaturally, thus giving God glory and showing the world what God's love looks like. I could go on. It was very good. So i left there not thinking about me and my lack of recognition at home, but reflecting on the service and striving to be the loving mom (and person) God calls us to be.

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Brandy said...

Happy Mother's Day!
One day you are going to have four boys bringing you flowers, sending you cards, and taking you out to eat. You are blessed.