Monday, May 3, 2010


I try to have a good balance between letting the boys interact w/ Clay and asking them to give him space. It's stretching sometimes letting them interact with him. Look at what the poor boy has to deal with! It's sweet though in it's own way.

Another fun thing from today was this bike Rod found in his warehouse for Adam. We've been looking at yard sales for a training wheeled bike, and then it dawned on him he's had this one stashed away for years. It's girly and wobbly, but Adam loves it and did real well on it.

I'm tired, hoping to pick up a nap today. Clay has picked his awake time to be when the other 3 are napping!

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Rochelle Matthews-Stoltzfus said...

too funny! i think that would be hard for me too to decide when to allow them to interact...and when to give the little guy some space! i think i would impose on them, my need for space... : )