Sunday, April 25, 2010

Family pic

Our local fire dept did a fundraiser, a photo shoot and selling the 11 x 14, printed on canvas. i signed us up before the baby was born, hoping it would work out! the pics were taken the day after Clay's due date. He was a week old here. Excuse my "i just had a baby" look. I think my face is a little less puffy now!
It was an interesting experience. We were there literally 10 minutes, and the photographer was so rough around the edges, i couldn't believe the boys cooperated but they did. i feel so blessed when i look at this picture of my boys all lined up! i treasure where they are right now, i know they won't stay this little for very long.


Rochelle Matthews-Stoltzfus said...

fun picture!
personal opinion: you can look HOWEVER you want (or don't want : ) in the weeks and even months after birthing a child.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture and you look great!!

Rose said...

Anonymous is me, Rose!

Brandy said...

You look GREAT! WOW! What a treasure!