Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Potty trained?!?!

I'm confused, i thought it took months, lots of effort, and several accidents to potty train. But i'm pretty sure Ben just potty trained himself over the weekend! He started telling us consistently when he has to go....wakes up from naps and overnight with dry diapers....and hasn't had an accident in his undies yet. wow! i think he knows that's the only way i'd give him the time of day on this right now :) But like Adam, he wakes up with a poop in his diaper so he hasn't done that in the potty yet. But the peeing, he's got down very good! It helps that he doesn't drink much. I don't need to ask every 15 minutes for him to go like i did Adam. He's already gone over an hour. What a boy! Brad hasn't followed suit yet.

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