Saturday, March 20, 2010


This taste of spring has been so good. Some highlights:

* Being outside for most of the day, short sleeves, no jackets!
* Getting a farmer's tan in the middle of March.
* Picnics
* Seeing my bulbs come up, some that i forgot i planted.
* Having the chance to finish up my fall flower bed trimming. Getting the beds ready for new growth.
* Bike rides to the mailbox, and to neighbors. We met our new amish neighbors today. They have 3 young children. AND have a huge greenhouse, which they will be selling flowers from this year! Excited about taking our wagon over and filling it up with annuals. Sorry Ken's Gardens, i will not be visiting you this year.
* Watching the kids play, get dirty, and tuckered out. A good reason for early bedtimes and longer evenings for mommy and daddy.
* The park, throwing stones and splashing in the lake and playing on the playground.
* Our first 2010 visit to Jim Mack's.
* Not having to clean up the toy room all week!

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