Thursday, March 18, 2010

My list

I might get a little carried away with lists. When Adam wants me to remember to do something, he tells me to write it down so i can cross it off later! My before baby list is all checked off except for the twins circumcision, which let's face it, i knew wasn't going to happen! Not now. although we made some phone calls, trying to see if it can or cannot be done w/out anesthesia. I wish it could have been done in the hospital but they were too small when they came home.
Still it feels good to get the other stuff done. I really want to spend the first month after the baby is born without doing much, other then taking care of 4 children! Then, hopefully, i would like to plant a garden. More for the boys then anything. They talk about it quite often. And this week, they've been playing out in the dirt pretending to plant their own garden with shovels and tractors. So even if it's tiny, i'm hoping to get a garden in this year.

So my nesting has quieted down a little bit. Although i did sweep out our garden shed today, something i've never done before. We're in the home stretch now, 36 weeks. Today Adam and I met our little twin neighbor girls, they are 7 lbs. I told Adam his baby will be about that size. Surprisingly the girls didn't look that small, i must still have ben and brad's preemie size in my head. Although i see newborn clothing and think it's so tiny!

Here's my last couple crochet projects. I'm so done now, the tractor was hard and drove me crazy! The ladybug was fun.

Brad's profound question for the morning "Who needs to toot in heaven?" i love when they ask questions about heaven, but that one we could have done without :) he was very serious though.


daniele @ domestic serenity said...

Yeah for your crochet projects! And from one list maker to another, I completely understand that before baby list...glad you're finished and settled.

Sarah said...

I love all the little things you've been cute!!! I've been crocheting a blanket for my little guy, so much fun!!!

TulipGirl said...

Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself! I've seen you comment on Aliza's blog. And I always smile at your username because I also used to go by Me&MyBoys! We have four boys now, ages 13, 12, 11, and 9. I'm married to Aliza's cousin and have known her family since... well... it seems like forever.