Friday, March 5, 2010

Miscellaneous family notes

Me: I'm 34 weeks today and so happy things are going well. I'm in serious nesting mode right now. Everything is getting cleaned. I should be cleaning right now :) Praise God my baby is still in there, in spite of my cleaning sprees and keeping after 3 boys.

Rod: Had a very busy winter at the shop, as you can imagine! He had some frustrating times with his employees and their "sick" days, but that goes w/ having your own business. He enjoyed lots of snowmobiling this winter. It's been fun watching him interact with the boys (when he's not exhausted from his day's work!). He thinks of things to do with them that i don't. Like "flashlight time" and "smear the queer".

Adam: Is going through a serious weird time right now i can't even explain it. He gets all panicky when people leave our house, or when he sees someone leave a store we are in. He has to say bye like 5,000 times and gets all worked up about it. Today we ran errands and it was kinda embarrasing. He would say bye to total strangers when he thought they were leaving the store, mcDonalds, daddy's shop, etc. Not just one goodbye, but many! And then he makes everyone else say goodbye and he's practically crying the whole time. It's uncharacteristic of him, he was never very dependent. While they think it's sweet, i'm thinking "what is this boy's problem?" Anyway, we try not to make a big deal about it and hope it goes away soon.

Ben: Was sick this week. It was interesting to see how this progressed. Wednesday he was a perfect angel, on the couch literally the whole day, and didn't make a sound (he had a high fever). Thursday fever was down and he was a BEAR! Today, better but still not himself....He did say a funny on Tuesday after we went to Cabella's. I was practicing books of the Bible with Adam on the way home. So Tuesday night Ben says "do you remember when we went to Lamentations?" oh Ben, he got a little mixed up there. He meant to say Cabella's!

Brad: is Brad. He can be a total goof-ball. And since he hasn't been sick (yet), we've seen it even more. He's the only one entertaining us as of late. He's technically the youngest and the smallest (for now) but he's got the spunk!

That's a taste of our lives lately~~Enjoy a weekend where you don't have to freeze your tush off!~~

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agingrich said...

Celene can hardly wait until your baby comes. If I tell her about something that's happening in the future she wants to know if it will be before or after your baby. It's her only reference of time right now :)