Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birthday Party

3? how can that be?!?! We celebrated Ben and Brad's bday Friday night. i wish i could have enjoyed it more, i was still having intense back pain. But it was fun to see them smile and take in their evening. God has shown me a lot through the twins lives and i'm so thankful for them! They are best friends, and such good little brothers to Adam. They willingly play along w/ almost every idea Adam gets. They are very good helpers, sometimes if i don't have enough jobs for them to do they get mad!

Rod deserves some recognition for his efforts lately. He made this cake, the boys wanted a police car cake. And after my back started up on Thurs, Rod decided to make it himself. Without me asking, mind you. I was just planning to cancel the party! Rod is a no nonesense, get the job done, type of guy. And even though sometimes i think "i wish he would slow down and have fun", it's times like these when i so appreciate his character and abilities. He's kept this place running the past few days. And has been doing a very good job. I'm feeling better, after a trip to the ER early yesterday morning and a low dose of prescription pain med. Now i'm wondering why i waited 48 hours to do that! It's like night and day. They aren't sure what's causing the pain, but something muscular...a sprain or spasms. Now i know not to shovel, sweep, and wheelbarrow loads full when 36 weeks pregnant! I feel for people who live with chronic pain. That is not for me! Thank you Lord for relief!
SO, back to the party!! Here's a few shots.
They took turns blowing out the candles, we relit them several times..
Happy early Birthday to my sweethearts!

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