Thursday, June 26, 2014

This week

We came off of a busy weekend, with having 2 events at our place.  We had excellent weather both nights which is the first thing i often pray for when leading up to an event.  Last week we spent most of our spare time gearing up for these events, along with some volunteer work at GAIN warehouse.  The days of prepping for the weekend was worth it, as the reception and fundraiser went smoothly but i was glad to get back to normal people things!!  (i know, we are anything but normal around here!)

This week was basketball camp, mulberry picking, kombucha making, pokemon card burning, lemonade selling, bee inspecting, rails to trails riding, and window cleaning.  That sounds busy too, but it was on our schedule for the most part, and was a more relaxing week.

We STILL haven't swam this summer!!!  except Adam and Clay over father's day just to prove they could.  the water temp was 70.  We have access to neighbors pools, which is a great privilege, but i'm a fair weather swimmer and until i hear about water temps in the 80's, we'll pass.

I wish it could be summer all the time!  I love summers, particularly summer nights around here.  Tonight i watered flowers after 9:00 and lightening bugs galore!  So much of God's creation to take in right now.

Funny Gingrich boy quote:  Brad - "is our new babysitter old?"  Me - "No, she's young"  Brad - "OH GOOD, they look MUCH better when they are young."  baaaahaaaa!

Said babysitter lives on our road, and is such a good fit.  She's home now from missions and hasn't a job.  I may or may not have dropped them off there 3 times over the past week and a half :)  They have cute little dogs and an awesome creek in the backyard.  They love to go there.

Thanks for reading, no pics today.  i'm on the laptop watching the Phillies in extra innings.  Have a happy weekend.

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