Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer service project

About a month ago, Ben heard on WJTL a commercial about raising funds for Bibles to be distributed around the world.  He really wanted to raise money so people in other countries can have a Bible.  So i called WJTL, since i didn't hear this commercial.  And they were no longer promoting this, but gave me the website for the ministry.  I looked it up and thought it looked really neat (www.bibleleague.org)  But wasn't sure how we would go about doing this.  It's been on my list the last month as a reminder to do something for this cause at some point.

Tonight i felt a peace about an idea for them to collect money.  For the past year or more, when the boys catch me doing my habits, cracking knuckles or picking my lip, i have to pay them.  Knuckles is 25 cents and lip picking is $1.00.  And let me tell you Brad is loaded!  This summer, when they catch me, the money will go straight into the jar.  We will collect for the next 2.5 months and send a check for the total amount.

I think they will have fun with it, and do well too, thanks to Brad who watches me like a hawk :)  If you know us and come to our house, feel free to slip some money into our jar!  We may do other things to raise money in addition, like selling produce at the end of the lane.  Eager to see how much they raise!

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