Thursday, May 29, 2014

7 more days of school!!!

For the boys, it's 7 more days at Farmdale for good (i think).  We plan to transfer them to Lanc.Co Christian this coming school year.  It'll mean lots of changes, but the boys are fine with the move.   Which is ironic for me because they can be so argumentative on little things we choose for them, but on a big school move they were like "ok that's fine".   We are excited to have them in a smaller class setting, christian setting, and more flexibility in schedule and freer evenings.  We all liked our experience at Farmdale, but unfortunately there are changes taking place that weren't the best fit for us.  We are thankful to have gotten to know so many local people and we'll continue to be in touch with many.

We had a low key Memorial day weekend mixed in with a wedding reception at our house.  It was a pretty day Saturday during the reception, so thankful for the gorgeous weather.  Such a sweet couple, we were happy to give her the atmosphere she was looking for.
They made it look very nice!  It doesn't even look like our barn.

the bride made some games for the guests to play

Clay found a preschool friend, small world!

And for dessert- Rita's came! (Island fusion is a keeper)
Tuckered out after the wedding/sugar rush was over.

Sunday and Monday with no plans was such a treat.  Rod and i barely touched the 'to do' lists and just hung with the boys.  Found 3 litters of kitties, played basketball, kickball, mini bike, 4 wheeler, ground hog trapping, biking, campfire, gardening.  My favorite quote of the weekend was me overhearing Rod ask the boys:  "Hey boys, where's the scissors you used to cut the dead squirrel's head off?  I don't want mom to use it when she's cooking".  haha, what a life!

Setting off bottle rockets in the garden...there are no words for this bunch of boys
Except man do i love them

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