Saturday, May 17, 2014

The past several weeks have been really full.  Certainly full of good things, so no reason to complain.  But it's hard to feel at peace when you look at the calendar day after day and see there are many, many things that need done.  This time of year is always that way, but I think it feels more intense this year due to Adam playing baseball, new church responsibilities, greenhouse, and end of the year school parties/trips.  We also have 3 big events (50 or more people each) here in May but that's not uncommon.  I think it's all the things combined that is making it feel like I need more hours!  But alas, I have a plan for next year at this time.  If the boys are playing a sport it will have to be a winter one, our women's retreat won't be in May, and I won't be a room parent, i'll just be on the committee which is less responsibility but can still be involved....There, that should help. 

Some shots of our life here of late..

My first cupcake cake.  It was for Adam's baseball team after their game.  Not my best work, i am aware.

Clay with batch #1 of bunnies, 11 babies!  (batch #2 had 5 babies, #3 had 11)

I love flowers!  And i really love having neighbors that sell them!  

How to keep them this eager to hoe in a month from now?

I think i'm ok with this

Harvesting cucs, lettuce, kale and swiss chard!

Mother's Day, watching the Make-A-Wish parade along Rte 222

A really funny motorized scooter/bicycle combo that a friend of Rod's built.  He and his sons drove it to our house from Marietta.  The power/gas comes from where Rod is sitting and the steering has to be done in the front where Adam is!
Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend, thanks for reading. 

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