Sunday, May 4, 2014


My first ever 5K race is in the books.  The day was fun, and to finish this thing that i never thought i'd do felt great.  But the real story is in the training.   I ran on and off during our winter of polar vortex's, but really trained hard the 3 weeks before the race.  I had many ups and downs with it, mentally mostly.  Many thoughts of 'who am i kidding', 'i am not a runner' and 'i'm not even out my lane yet and i need to walk' took place.  But there were exciting milestones too, like when i ran to Rod's parents house with all the hills, only walking twice, and running a full 3 miles for the first time on Easter Sunday with some cousins with only sneaking in a little walking when they weren't looking.  Those accomplishments kept me going and gave me hope that i can do this.  

I had to push through some physical issues as well, sore knees and a black and blue toenail, from it rubbing against my shoe!

I finished, without walking, in 28:55.  

The boys were a part of my training.  They often rode bike with me on my route, usually one at a time and they talked and depending on the child, encouraged me.  

There are 3 more 5K's this year that i plan to be a part of.  I hope to be able to maintain my endurance now, and not run every day but run a couple days a week so i don't have to start at ground zero again for my next race!    

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