Thursday, June 30, 2011

flying by

rod and i are trying to figure out how to make summer last longer, it goes too fast. There's always multiple things to plan, and look forward to, but we need to be deliberate about savoring the "now".

Right now this little boy is growing up. although he thinks he's older then he is. he's a very opinionated, confident little bundle of curly blonde cuteness. I can't bring myself to cut his curls. Probably should soon, people are starting to ask if he's a boy or girl.
we're having another wonderful visit from rod's sister and family. steve comes in tonight. the boys have enjoyed being with them, doing many fun things, with more to come. The boys get a little antzy if they go 24 hours without seeing them!
We had a Lyme disease scare last week in Ben. I noticed a funny looking bite (or bruise, we weren't sure) last Monday. It seemed to "grow" and by thurs he was starting with flu like symptoms. Off to the doctor we went, all kids came along. (the more kids you take with you places, the better service you get:) Doctor said it was Lyme and we treated it immedietely. I was relieved to know it could be cured. I thought once you get Lyme, your stuck with it. But his was caught early enough, that he should be fine. Praise God!

We had a nice Smoker ladies brunch today. Sorry for those who couldn't make it! (like Rhoda, i know you still read this:) Here was the pretty setting.

These country kids had a hard time appreciating the whole Brunch thing. Dustin was all thrown off by the fancy food and Adam kept saying "I like lunch better, that's my favorite meal". They had fun playing after they got Brunch out of the way! Too funny.

That's a little look into our "now". Have a good July 4th weekend!

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